Voodoo: Survivor CRF450 Framer

Barry the Punk's Brit-built Honda CRF450 with a Survivor Customs frame and tank logo lettering by Ryan Roadkill

Single & Twin BSA A65

Hamburg-based Brit bike specialists Single & Twin spent 15 years thinking about this oil-in-frame A65, and three years building it. It was, we think, worth the wait.

Dirt Trackers & Bull Jumpers

Let three dirt trackers and an acrobatic Course Landaise cow jumper loose in a French bullring and this is what you get. The short film is a beauty and Dominique Larie is our new hero.

DTRA Ducati Scrambler Hooligan

Two cylinders, three titles, this mildly modified Ducati shows that Scramblers are made for hooligan racing.

Blixt & Dunder FTR 1200 Hooligan

Swedish, superlight, Indian FTR 1200 hooligan racer. Blixt & Dunder cut the weight by 50kg! Thunder and lightening... 

The Edge: AMP Motorcycles WR400

Dutch father and son partnership, AMP Motorcycles, transform a 1999 Yamaha WR400 enduro into a flick knife sharp short tracker

The 100-year-old Photograph

The story of how (and why) Sideburn recreated a pair of 100-year-old photos from Harley-Davidson's archive, with a borrowed piglet, some charity shop hats and flat track's favourite farmer.

Harris Royal Enfield 650 Twin FT Concept

Global motorcycle powerhouse Royal Enfield have caught the flat track bug and created this stunning concept bike, with the help of famed frame manufacturers, Harris Performance (who Royal Enfield own).

The Real Intellectuals SR500

Based in Athens, Greece, The Real Intellectuals is a motorcycle apparel shop and hub for the local bike community. The build a mean street tracker too.

RC Assembly DucTracker

Ryan Carden, and his friends, built this Ducati 900 Monster-based special to race in the Superhooligans. If this V-twin doesn't get your mind racing you might already be dead...

Motoball USA

Sideburn's tester/ poet/ winner Travis Newbold Broke the habit of a lifetime and took part in a team sport. Not only that, it's involved a ball and a chain-smoking goalkeeper. Now he's hooked. 

KH Street Hooligan

UK customisers and hooligan race team, Krazy Horse have developed this neat bolt-on kit for converting Indian Scouts into street hooligans.

Don't Break More Than One Law At A Time

Travis learnt important lessons in his court-enforced sessions with the shrink. Then he built a KX500 and forgot them. Read how, where and what happened next.

The In-Camera Cover

The story of the Sideburn 32 cover shoot and how we created a whole cover from one photo frame (we're not sure if that's ever been done before). Read why. 

Electric Dreams: Alta and Evan Anders

The Alta electric flat tracker makes its debut in the heat of a rabid Southern California Flat Track race. Evan Anders, 32z, quickly learns how to race without his ears. 

Mountain. Bikes

Our tour rep on the 2016 Sideburn x Helmet Stories Pangi Valley trip, Anthony 'Co-Built' Brown relives his memorable adventure. Evocative photos supplied by Paul Leeson.

The Big Interview: Michael Lock

Sideburn’s editor, Gary Inman, interviewed Michael Lock, the CEO of American Flat Track, about his plans for fixing pro flat track. The interview lasted nearly 90 minutes, and was way too long to fit in Sideburn 27, but too good to leave on the shelf, so we decided to publish the full thing here. It will be of interest to anyone with a love of, or investment in, flat track

BCKustoms Sportster Hooligan

Yann, write, 'As the hooligan rulebook describes the main frame cannot be modified, so I had to find the correct items to best fit a roadster frame and turn it into a real flat track racer.'

2017-18 Gear

British photographer Caylee Hankins dropped us a line saying, 'When can I do a shoot for Sideburn?' We'd met Caylee a few times, she'd raced (and crashed spectacularly) at Dirt Quake, and we'd seen more of her at UK DTRA races since her and her partner, Grant Martin, had started racing regularly last season...

Sideburn Morocco 2017

As I lay on a cold and dirty concrete floor going in and out of sleep, my stomach cramping from a nasty bought of Portuguese airport pub food revenge, I was not at all the least bit bummed out. I had just had the most unreal experience of going as fast as I dared on a 2016 KTM 500 for five straight days...

Di Traverso Goes Hungary

When Hungary was chosen as the first ex-communist country to host Marco Belli’s Di Traverso Flat Track School we were there. Read our report from Budapest.

Snow Quake 2017

SnowQuake... After the race, the Guzzi pilot calls me over and points to his old, leather motocross boots. In the altercation my buzzsaw front tyre has slit, with almost surgical accuracy, every buckle strap off his right boot. ‘It’s like 007 did it,’ he says.

Warr's Super Hooligan

Warr's of King's Road, Fulham, UK were established as a Harley dealer in 1924, making them Europe's oldest H-D showroom. Their in-house custom builder, Charlie Stockwell, created this tracker based on a Sportster 1200 Roadster for the annual Battle of the Kings custom competition for UK and Ireland dealers. Warr's have won the last two years. 

Bottpower XR1R Testing

Sideburn's poet and track tester, Travis was approached to race the Bottpower XR1R at Pikes Peak. The test programme included flying out to Spain for a shakedown two weeks before the hillclimb.

The Race of Gentlemen

At the intersection of speed and style, The Race of Gentlemen has become a must-see and must-do automotive carnival. Dedicated craftsmen and women build and restore vintage American hot rods and motorcycles to blast down the beaches of the Jersey Shore.

DirtQuake USA by Pierre Robichaud

Pierre Robichaud writes 'As a photographer DirtQuake USA is a paradise. A colourful garden of tutus, stars and stripes, spandex, minibikes, choppers and Canadians. It brings all of this together in one place, something that you might not normally see in a lifetime. All with the goal of having a good time.'

Vintage MX - Newbold Style

Travis Newbold explains, 'Back to my roots, I suppose, as I first caught the motorcycle racing bug when I was ten years old and my mom let me ditch school to watch the vintage motorcycle races held once a year within the city limits of my hometown, Steamboat Springs, Colorado.'

BCKustoms Bone Destroyer

Yann says, 'I finished the project in seven weeks. I’d built a short wheelbase tracker (1.37m/nearly 54in) with a new reduced 23° fork angle; 820mm (32in) seat height, with a reliable single cylinder engine and a (too?) short transmission ratio of 16x52. On paper, it looks like the right weapon a rookie like me to learn flat track riding techniques.'

2018 Caballero Flat Track 500

This is the first 21st century production street tracker. This is what we know: the bikes will be assembled in Treviso, Italy. The 125 engine is a Yamaha Minarelli unit, the 250 and 450/500 are Chinese Zongshen, but Fantic say, 'developed by Fantic with a lot of Italian stuff: clutch; cams; ignition...' 

Indian Scout FTR1200

Win on Sunday sell on Monday, so goes the adage. But what if what's winning during the weekend doesn't look anything like what's in Monday's showrooms? It's a position Indian have found themselves in since Jared Mees came first on the FTR750 at the Daytona TT in March 2017...

Dirt Track Rookies, Spain

'Dirt Track Rookies was born from our passion for motorcycles and the desire to leave the workshop to pilot our machines,' says Carlos Gonzalez, 'The idea was for every workshop to prepare their motorcycle and run against other custom workshops... for the simple fun of riding our motorcycles with friends from other workshops, creating a better friendship between us.'

Fat Bob's Mud Bath

Our mate Grant Martin borrowed a 300kg 2017 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob and took it dirt tracking. The bloke is not right in the head, but we like his style. 

Sideburn x Hebtroco Winter Party

It was a daft idea. You don’t see that many motorcycles on the road in December, they all seem to be on Instagram. Sensible really to stick with the van or car. If you’re on a bike and it snows, then you’re really screwed. So with our pals at Hebtroco, we decided to put on a winter party and camp out...

Motoroco Wood Rotax

This Wood Rotax was originally imported from upstate New York by Jack de Roco, hence the name on the front number plate and that of the company. 'The bike had seen some rough racing in its past,' explains Dimitri, for Speedway Lelystad, 'A battle scar here and there, AMA scrutineering stickers, the lot, but the bike was in a poor state and desperately needed attention.' That's what it got.

SnowQuake 2018

'I like to photograph people. People doing what they love. My shoots always involve finding people doing something a little out of the ordinary' says Matt Sills. So he drove from England to Italy to photograph SnowQuake racers just for fun and shared the photos with us.  

Sideburn Sahara 2016

Breakfast briefing Captain Cccccc declares the danger is over, people rarely crash on days 4 and 5. So, into the desert we go and our illustrious leader has a bad crash, two busted wrists and a popped shoulder, we now come to his rescue, Lachy straps him up and Chukka administers just the right amount of something to get him chatting with fairies.

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