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The Race of Gentlemen

The Harley-Davidson Museum, in the firm's home city of Milwaukee,
regularly changes its themed displays, often picking up on the custom and race culture an related characters, that have been attracted to motor company through its over a century of production. This summer's special attraction is centred around
The Race of Gentlemen, a beach race for 1920s, '30s and '40s American machinery. This is how the museum describes the exhibition...

At the intersection of speed and style, The Race of Gentlemen has become a must-see and must-do automotive carnival. Dedicated craftsmen and women build and restore vintage American hot rods and motorcycles to blast down the beaches of the Jersey Shore. This summer, the Harley-Davidson Museum is proud to bring together the vehicles, the artistry and the personalities that make up The Race of Gentlemen for its special exhibit.

“The Race of Gentlemen” will take over The Garage beginning June 16 and running through Labor Day (Sept. 4). In addition to displaying portraits, bikes and roadsters pulled from past races, the exhibit will reveal the passion and devotion TROG compatriots bring to this sandy spectacle.

More than a dozen motorcycles and automobiles will be on display – machines restored and resurrected for the sole purpose of redlining down the shore.

Photos: Courtesy of Harley-Davidson Museum/David Carlo and Cory Piehowicz

To find out more information on the exhibit click Harley-Davdison Museum 

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