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COVER: exclusive art by John F Malta

BIKES: Royal Enfield INT650 BTR dirt track racer; Indian FTR; Herald Brute 500

PEOPLE: Anna Serena, Tommy Duma, Steve Morehead

PORTFOLIO: The artwork of Hans Sures

PAGES: 116


COVER: Jeffrey Carver, Cory Texter, Dan Bromley


BIKES: Titanium frame Harley Ironhead street tracker; Competition Racing Frames Yamaha MT-07 Production Twin; KTM 990 Super Duke street tracker; Goldammer NAF 450s; Buddy Custom Cycles Harley WL45 racer; Staracer Yamaha XS650; Harley XR750; Suzuki Van Van 125 'Sand Flea'; Vintage Triumph 750 twin framer; BSA B60 dirt tracker

PEOPLE: Dan Bromley; Nick Armstrong; Jeffrey Carver; Odgie; Sam Villanueva; Alex Jorgensen

PORTFOLIO: The artwork of Lydia 'Robotica' Roberts

ADVENTURE: Biltwell Operation Numbnuts; Malle Alpine Rally

EVENT: Have Fun!! Babbitt Bank Trophy, Japan

PAGES: 108

SB51 Cover.jpg

COVER: Moto Cake by Death Spray Custom

BIKES: Wally Brown Racing KTM 890 Production Twin; Bonzorro Triumph 500 Twin

PEOPLE: Sammy Halbert; Doug Nicol; The Mees;
Sergey Fedotov, Chastin Brand; Ryan Roadkill, Dalton Gauthier, 
Greg Villalobos

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Drew Perlmutter

EVENT: The Minibike Massacre; Hell on Wheels

PAGES: 108

SB50 Cover.jpg

COVER: Hot Shoe by Cheetah​

BIKES: Holy Freedom Yamaha XT600 tracker; Trackmaster Yamaha XS650; Tank Machine Indian FTR1200; Lowery Racing C&J Yamaha MT-07 Production Twin; 1938 Harley-Davidson WL desert racer; 1942 Harley-Davidson WR desert racer; Harley-Davidson XR1250 digital concept; Hot Dock Buell XBRR ‘Gladiator’; Royal Enfield Himalayan

PEOPLE: Chuck Palmgren; Davis Fisher, Zaria Martens, Matt Wait; Kurt Walter (Founder of Icon Motosports); Barry Stevenson​

INTERVIEW: Davis Fisher​

PORTFOLIO: The art of Chris Watson​

TRACK DATA: Castle Rock, USA​

EVENT: Slide on Sunday and TnT Cup dirt track from Indonesia​

PAGES: 108

SB49 Front Cover.jpg

COVER: Matt Helders on his Mule Honda XR650R

BIKES: Mule Honda XR650R; AJS Stormer 360 dirt trackerHonda FTR250/Kawasaki  KX250F hybrid; Royal Enfield INT 650 dirt tracker; SMCO Harley GT466; SMCO Livewire; SMCO Husqvarna 701 SM; Sub Kulture Cycles framer minibike;

PEOPLE: Matt Helders; Shayna -Texter-Bauman; Kyle Long; Cameron Smith; Loyal Prach; Chuck Dickenson; Gabrielle Hughes; George Price

INTERVIEW: Cameron Smith

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Scott Toepfer

HAULER: 1979 Datsun 620 J15 pickup ​

TRACK DATA: Lelystad, Netherlands

EVENT: Grizzly Cup Asama TT; Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show

PAGES: 116


COVER: Royal Enfield Twin FT​

BIKES: Royal Enfield Twin FT; Wood Honda CRF450 framer; 1943 Harley-Davidson WLA racer; Turner Racing AFT Honda CRF450; 1974 Yamaha MX250 short tracker; Mutt Razorback 125; Honda FTR223; Icon Homemade Sin​

PEOPLE: Jared Mees, James Monaco, Michael Hill, Bryan Smith, Clayton Williams, Dan Bromley,
Nick Armstrong; Ezra Brusky; Davis Fisher;
Jesse Janisch; Morgen Mischler; Robert Pearson; Trevor Brunner; Dallas Daniels; Steve Lucero;
Geoff Co-Built​

INTERVIEW: James Monaco​

PORTFOLIO: The art of DSC (Death Spray Custom)​

EVENT: The Sacramento Mile; The Malle Mile; Lodi Cycle Bowl 'Night Before The Mile' short track; 1968 Arena Park Scrambler, Missouri​

PAGES: 116


COVER: Cory Texter by Ryan Quickfall​

BIKES: Howerton Indian FTR750; Trackmaster BSA A65; Mellow Motorcycles Yamaha XSR750 Kenny Roberts Tribute; Yamaha RD350 YPVS short tracker; Knight Honda RS600; 2001 Harley Sportster Hooligan; Wood Rotax; Kerozin Ducati 696 dirt tracker; Trevor Stella electric dirt tracker; Cheetah Honda Dax 160​

PEOPLE: Kody Kopp; Ryan Zahn; Cory Texter; Kazuo Fukuda; Paige Thomas​

INTERVIEW: Cory Texter​

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Kati Dalek​

HAULER: 1974 Kenworth K123 'cabover'​

MOVIE: Cycles South​

PAGES: 108


COVER 1: Chastin Brand, Honda Elsinore, Georgia

COVER 2: Jack Bell, Devitt Vanoni Ducati Hooligan, King's Lynn, UK

BIKES: 2021 AFT KTM 450; Honda Elsinore; Devitt Vanoni Ducati Scrambler hooligan; Hombrese 1978 Yamaha SR500 dirt tracker; Hombrese 1978 Honda XL500; 2019 Norton Commando street scrambler; 1974 Yamaha MX250 dirt tracker; Ducati Desert Sled desert racer; Evil Hours Triumph Thruxton hooligan; 1938 Triumph Speed Twin grasstrack sidecar; 2019 Have Fun!! Fantic Caballero 500 dirt tracker;


PEOPLE: Travis Pastrana; Dalton Gauthier; JD Beach; Jose Aguilar; Tammy Sessions; James Rispoli


INTERVIEW: Dalton Gauthier

ARCHIVE: Tammy Sessions; 1970s racing trailblazer


PORTFOLIO: The art of Samuel Lee Turner

HAULER: 1959 International Harvester Metro van

EVENTS: AFT Atlanta SuperTT; In Dust We Trust, Moscow; Biltwell 100 California desert race

PAGES: 108



COVER: James Rispoli & Cory Texter, Springfield Mile 

INTERVIEW: Scott Hunter

HOW TO: Take better bike photos by Ed Subias

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Heidi Zumbrun

PAGES: 108

SB44 Cover.jpg

COVER: Champion Yamaha MX250​

BIKES: Champion Yamaha MX250; Wood Rotax monoshock; Royal Enfield Harris FT Concept 650 Twin; 1993 Harley Sportster hooligan; 2019 Brough Superior hooligan; Bultaco Astro: Honda 650 sand racer​

PEOPLE: Nichole Mees; Chris Carr; Jeffrey Carver; Bill McDonnell; Brad Hurst; Johnny Lewis; Jacopo Monti; Brandon Robinson; Andre Agassi​

INTERVIEW: Nichole Mees​

TECHNIQUE: Sprockets, teeth and ratios with Cory Texter​

ARCHIVE: McDonnell family scrapbook​

PORTFOLIO: The illustrations of Jim Koch​

EVENTS: The Barbara Fritchie Classic​

MOVIE: Silver Dream Racer


PAGES: 108

SB41 COVER.jpg

COVER: Survivor KTM 250​

BIKES: Survivor KTM 250; Harley-Davidson 250 SX dirt tracker; Trackmaster Triumph T120R; Co-Built Rotax; IZH Planeta Sport flat tracker; Honda 650 Thunderbike​

PEOPLE: Larry Pegram; Dan Stanley; Scott Brelsford; Dee Johnson; Scott Toepfer; Jeffrey Carver; Lucia Vasquez​

INTERVIEW: Larry Pegram​

TECHNIQUE: Flat Track Geometry with Cory Texter​

ARCHIVE: D's Leathers​

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Manuel Portugal​

EVENTS: AFT 2020 season opener at Volusia​

BLUEPRINT: 1974 Champion Kawasaki H2R triple

DEATH SPRAY ARCHIVE: The Other Racing Line

PAGES: 108

Sideburn 42 COVER.jpg

COVER 1: Will Davis

SPECIAL ED COVER: Jake Edey on the Herald Brute

BIKES: Royal Enfield Twin FT; Herald Brute 500; KTM 790 Superhooligan; Co-Built Yamaha XS650 framer; Knight Honda RS600 framer; Swanson Ducati 250 framer; Honda Dax flat trackers

PEOPLE: Johnny Lewis; Adrian Sellers; Briar Bauman; Andy DiBrino; Rusty Rogers; Kayl Kolkman; Ronnie Jones; Adam Brinkworth


TECHNIQUE: Flat Track Suspension set-up with Cory Texter

ARCHIVE: 1990s MARS - Motorcycle Asphalt Racing Series

PORTFOLIO: The art of Brusco

EVENTS: Preston Burroughs does Sturgis 2020; The Malle Mile

PAGES: 108

SB43 COVER.jpg

COVER: BlatantMoto Death Rattle Electric flat tracker & Kim Lohstroh Young

BIKES: HookieCo Triumph T100R; Indian Scout 60 Hooligan; Indian FTR 1200 Hooligan; Have Fun Fantic Caballero 500; Baer BMW F800 AFT Production Twin; Yamaha SR500 Thunderbike; Vespa desert racer; Harley-Davidson XLR900

PEOPLE: Ray Weishaar; George Pickering; Leah Tokelove; Edie Ashley; Joe Pape; Sammy Sabedra

INTERVIEW: Anthony Brown

TECHNIQUE: Tyres with Cory Texter

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Geoff Nickless

EVENTS: The One Show Electric National; Perris Short Track

ADVENTURE: Vespa Raid Maroc

PAGES: 116


COVER: Honda FTR223

BIKES: Honda FTR223 Sideburn project: Sonicweld Triumph 250; Bultaco Pursang short tracker; Champion Triumph 500; Royal Enfield S&S Himalayan short trackers; Jarod Vanderkooi's Harley XG750R; Harley Street Rod street tracker; Harley XG750R Evo (stock road engine); Yamaha SR400 Moscow street scrambler; Newbold XR650 hillclimber/dirt tracker: Cory Texter G&G Yamaha MT-07 Production Twin​

PEOPLE: Damon York; Cory Texter; Kolby Carlile; 'Greenfield' George Pickering; Bryan Smith​

INTERVIEW: Kolby Carlile​

HOW TO: Race two classes on the same day with Cory Texter​

PORTFOLIO: The art of Brian Bowles​

MOVIE: The Thrill Is On​

ADVENTURE: Sideburn Nepal Trip on Royal Enfield Himalayans​


PAGES: 108 - with free 16-page Takashi Urashima colouring book

SB39 COVER.jpg

COVER: Wasp Yamaha RSW-01 ​BIKES: Wasp Yamaha RSW-01; Indian FTR 1200 S; RSD Suzuki GT750 two-stroke hooligan; Herencia Hero Hunk 230 flat trackers; Husqvarna Svartpilen 701; 1965 Triumph Thunderbird 650

PEOPLE: Scott 'Fuel Cafe' Johnson; Dave Kilkenny; Loyal Prach; JJ Flairty; Terry Vestal; Warren Heir Jr​; Dave Skooter Farm; Donzilla Miller; Hank Scott​

INTERVIEW: Jarod Vanderkooi ​

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Horst Friedrichs​

HOW TO: Make your race event rule by AMA promoter of the year, Jeremy Prach​

EVENTS: Red Marley Hill Climb​


ADVENTURE: Sideburn Women-Only Morocco trip​

PAGES: 116


COVER 1: Koolt Yamaha XT600E

COVER 2: Jared Mees, Indian FTR750, Lima HM

BIKES: Koolt Yamaha XT600E; Survivor Lightning CRF450 framer; Toko KTM LC4 Thunderbike; Plan B Bianchi Rotax; Champion-frame 1967 Bonneville; 1920s Harley 4v board track special; Yamaha SR500 racer; Wood Rotax; Triumph Hooligan

PEOPLE: Ronnie Jones; Jared Mees; Shayna Texter; Gerard Bailo; 'Greenfield' George Pickering; Eddie Mulder

INTERVIEW: Ronnie Jones

ARCHIVE: Ronnie Jones Archive

HOW TO: Get back to basics with Johnny Lewis

EVENTS: 2019 Lima Half-Mile


PAGES: 116

SB38 COVER 1 sml.jpg
Sideburn 38 Red Torpedo cover 2.jpg

COVER 1: Toshiyuki 'Cheetah' Osawa and his Have Fun! 150 horizontal framer 
COVER 2: Cheetah Have Fun! 150 horizontal framer by Kar Lee 

BIKES: Trackmaster Ducati 860GT; Ducati Monster 900 adventure bike; Buddy Custom Cycles' Harley 45 handshift framer; Cheetah, Buddy, Ducktail and Inuchoppers 150cc framers; Hot Dock Kawasaki 250 speedway bike; See See Motorcycles Indian FTR 1200 hooligan; Colt Wrangler Zero Electric street tracker; Honda 650 sand racer 

PEOPLE: Briar Bauman, Oliver Brindley, Todd Marella; Evel Knievel (by Larry NYMC); Eric Crudgington Fernihough (by Mat Oxley); Pete Stansfield; David Death Spray; George Roeder 

INTERVIEW: Briar Bauman 

HOW TO: Work the outlaw race circuit with Oliver Brindley 

EVENTS: Okie Dokie Race, Japan 


ADVENTURE: Sri Lanka on an Enfield 350 

PAGES: 116

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SB36 cover 1.jpg
SB36 cover 2.jpg

​COVER: Steph Bolam on the Rebels Alliance SR500 Rough Diamond
BIKES: Rebels Alliance SR500 Rough Diamond; Lloyd Brothers AFT Ducati 821 Twin; Fuller Moto Ducati Pro Street Tracker; Royal Enfield Interceptor 650; Sur Les Chapeaux de Roues Honda CRF450; Durex Suzuki GSX-R750: Harley Sportster 1200 Hooligan racer; Newbold Yamaha XS650 dirt bike: Honda XR75 mini flat tracker; Bultaco Astro; River Rat C&J Kawasaki 650 AFT Twin
PEOPLE: Brandon Robinson; Kevin Atherton; Wilbur Skipp; Joy Lewis
INTERVIEW: Brandon Robinson
HOW TO: Spanner like a pro with Brent Armbruster
EVENTS: Bultaco Astro Cup, Atlanta; Swank Rally, Terminal 1, Italy

DEATH SPRAY ARCHIVE: Porn-related advertising
ADVENTURE: In South Africa with Moto Safari
PAGES: 116


COVER: Cheat Death by Adam Nickel
BIKES: Estenson Racing J&M Yamaha FZ-07; Latus Triumph Bonneville framer streetbike; Yamaha TDR250 Sand Racer; 1970 BSA A65 Framer (in the back of a 1969 El Camino SS); 2018 Fantic Caballero 125; 2018 CCM Spitfire; Maidstone H-D XG750 Hooligan; Armstrong Rotax street tracker; H-D Sportster ‘XR750 replica’ Street Tracker (on the back of an Airstream Classic 300 LE RV)
PEOPLE: Jake Johnson; Clem Beckett; Andy Benchdonkee; Carl ‘CFM’ Smith; Sonny Burres

HOW TO: Get into Flat Track Racing
PORTFOLIO: The art of Adam Nickel
SHOP: Hermanus, Bruges
EVENTS: Hells Race, Dirt Track Lelystad; Peoria 1973; Mablethorpe Sand Racing
PAGES: 116

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SB33 COVER.jpg

COVER: Hayden Roberts and his Triumph TR6 desert sled
BIKES: Triumph TR6 desert sled; Harley Sportster 883 Baja racer; Steve McQueen's On Any Sunday Husqvarna 400 Cross; High School project Honda CB160 flat tracker; Survivor Customs CCM Rotax racers;
PEOPLE: Sandriana Shipman; John Harrison; Chuck Joyner
INTERVIEW: Johnny Lewis
HOW TO: Build Your Own Flat Track
BLUEPRINT: Jawa 500 DT Type 890
SHOP: Rebels Alliance
EVENTS: X Games; Wheels and Waves; Sons of Speed banked oval racing; Vancouver Flat Track, Pemberton, BC

ADVENTURE: 1000 miles through Baja on a Harley Sportster; deep into South Africa on Enfield 500s
PAGES: 116

SB34 COVER.jpg

Special edition made in conjunction with Fox and See See Motorcyles that was given out to attendees of the 2018 One Motorcycle show in Portland, Oregon. It shared its content with SB32, but had an exclusive cover.

COVER: Jimmy Hill

BIKES: See See Harley-Davidson XL1200 Roadster Street Tracker

PEOPLE: Jeffrey Carver; Oliver Brindley; Skip Aksland; Lynn Griffis 

HOW TO: Win a Hooligan Championship 

EVENTS: Nine Years of Portland One Moto Show;

PAGES: 52 pages

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Sideburn 32.5 cover.jpg

COVER STAR: Manon Hache; Co-Built Rotax and Chris Piascick art 
BIKES: Bottpower XR1R Pikes Peak special; budget Yamaha FZ-07 framer; monoshock H-D Sportster; Wedge BMW 310; Honda 650 Mablethorpe Sand Racer 
EVENTS: Travis at Pikes Peak; The Springfield Mile; Pendine Speed Trials; DirtQuake VI 
HOW TO: Use your brake to go faster by Johnny Lewis 
PEOPLE: Marco Belli; Sean Flynn and Dana Stone; Hank Scott; Lynn Griffis 
PORTFOLIO: The photography of Kristina Fender 
MOVIE: Godspeed! You Black Emperor 
ADVENTURE: Across frozen Mongolia on Enfield 500 combinations 
PAGES: 116


COVER STAR: Riccardo Chiosi and Mestiza II 
BIKES: Yamaha framer TZ750 street tracker; Bultaco Sherpa/Pursang short tracker; Indian FTR750; Indian FTR1200 concept; Wood Africa Twin; Vibrazioni 'Raticosa' Ducati 749 street tracker; Tredici Customs Suzuki DR600; 'Article 58' Jawa 500/Ariel hillclimber/sprinter; Honda 650 beach racer 
EVENTS: AFT finale at Perris Auto Speedway; MotoBeach Classic 
HOW TO: Make the best of a back row start by Cory Texter 
PEOPLE: Shayna Texter; Johnny Lewis; Chad Cose; Ron Wood; Bryan Villella; Vivian Chadbourne 
PORTFOLIO: The art of Menze Kwint 
ADVENTURE: Slab City and off-grid America by Dave Bevan 
PAGES: 116 + 16-page MotoBeach SB mini-mag


COVER: Yamaha XS650 Framer with Lucia Aucott 

BIKES: Yamaha XS650 Framer; See See Harley-Davidson XL1200 Roadster Street Tracker; OMT Garage Yamaha XSR900 SnowQuake racer; BSA Hornet; Honda CRF450 hillclimber; Honda 650 sand racer 

PEOPLE: Jeffrey Carver; Oliver Brindley; Lucia Aucott; Skip Aksland; Lynn Griffis 

HOW TO: Win a Hooligan Championship 

PORTFOLIO: The art of Sami Graystone 

MOVIE: Akira 

SHOP: Deus Ex Machina, Milan 

EVENTS: Nine Years of Portland One Moto Show; Travis at the Land’s End Hillclimb 

ADVENTURE: LA-Barstow-Vegas on classic Brits; Chile to San Francisco surf safari on Honda XR150s 

PAGES: 116 + 16-page supplement

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COVER STAR: Roger Goldammer, Yamaha DT400
BIKES: Alta Electric flat tracker race tested; 1975 DT400 short tracker; 1973 Yamaha DT3 short tracker; Champion Suzuki RM250; Noise Cycles H-D XG750 Hooligan; Honda CB1100TR concept bike; 1991 Sportster hooligan
EVENTS: American Flat Track Twins at Daytona TT
HOW TO: Promote You Own Flat Track Race by Randy Kremlacek
PEOPLE: Jake Johnson; Odgie; Roger Goldammer; Guy Martin; Ricky Graham
PORTFOLIO: The Art of Nick Simich and FartCo
MOVIE: CC & Company
ADVENTURE: UK to Cape Town on a Royal Enfield 500 
PAGES: 116


COVER STAR 1: Flat Out Friday Hooligans

COVER STAR 2: Shaun Guardado, SMCo XG750
BIKES: Flat Out Friday Harleys; Suicide Machine Co XG750s; 1947 Harley WR750; Dethgrip - Icon 1000 Kawasaki Vulcan 650; 1991 Harley Sportster Hooligan
EVENTS: Flat Out Friday

HOW TO: Make the most with the least with Jeffrey Carver
PEOPLE: Henry Wiles; Brad Richards (H-D head of Styling & Design); Wayne Rainey
PORTFOLIO: The photography of Götz Göppert

BLUEPRINT: Harley-Davidson KR750

MOVIE: The Northville Cemetery Massacre
ADVENTURE: Across America on a 100-year-old Harley board track racer; 
PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: Mark 'The Rusty Butcher' Atkins

BIKES: Mule Triumph Bonneville; Asterisk Harley XG750; Yamaha XS650 budget desert racers; BSA B50MX short tracker; 1991 Harley Sportster Hooligan racer; One Down Four Up SR500 & DT400

EVENTS: Country Mile Race; Yorkshire Ride-Out

HOW TO: Perfect your body English with Chris Carr

PEOPLE: Matt 'Arctic Monkey' Helders; Nuke-Leah Tokelove; Hank Scott; Dimitri Coste; Rusty Butcher

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Preston Burroughs

ADVENTURE: Royal Enfield Himalayan tested in the mountains

PAGES: 116


Cover star: El Solitario x Zaeta Pluto

BIKES: Guy Martin's Rob North BSA Wall of Death record breaker; Yamaha TT500; Harley-Davidson XG750R

EVENTS: Løkken Beach Race; Dirt Quake USA

HOW TO: Win from the front with Brandon Robinson

PEOPLE: Davis Fisher; Kevin Atherton; Guy Martin; Jimmy Hill; David Death Spray

PORTFOLIO: The photography of James Cheadle

MOVIE: Werewolves on Wheels

ADVENTURE: Zaeta road trip to Dirt Quake V

PAGES: 100


COVER STAR 1: Joe Kopp and the Indian FTR750

COVER STAR 2: Joe Motocross by Charles M Schulz
BIKES: Indian FTR750; Road-legal grasstracker; Ducati 749 street tracker; Panther-framed Honda XL350; BSA 250 framer 
EVENTS: Dirt Quake V Harley race
HOW TO: Win a title as a one-man band with Alan Birtwistle
PEOPLE: Bryan Smith; American Flat Track boss, Michael Lock; Joe Motocross and Charlie Brown; Skip Aksland
PORTFOLIO: The art of Lorenzo Eroticolor
ADVENTURE: the Mexican 1000 on a Triumph T120; wasteland ruling on a Royal Enfield
PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: 'Clear Your Head' by Stay Outside Studio. Available in black or 'White' editions.

BIKES: Minotaur '55 Triumph 650, See See Harley XG750, Honda RS750D,

EVENTS: Snow Quake, Las Vegas Superhooligan, Hell on Wheels hillclimb,

HOW TO: Get ahead in short track racing with Briar Bauman

PEOPLE: Mike Kidd, Dickie Brown, Stone, Guy Martin, Toria Jaymes

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Rafaelle Paolucci

ADVENTURE: British Columbia with Filthmode

PAGES: 116


COVER STARS: 1. Sharon Comiskey on Borile 500. Alternative cover 2. RSD Cover: Roland Sands on the RSD Geico Indian Chief. 

Alternative cover 3. Guy Martin on the Krazy Horse Dirt Quake Sportster

BIKES: Borile B50 Scrambler; Norton P11; Trackmaster Triumph 650 Nixon replica street tracker; Roland Sands Designs Indian Chieftain; Japanese vintage sand racers; Suicide Machine Co Sportster; Crosley Howerton 'Skinny' bike; Royal Enfield Bullet

HOW TO: How to Draft to Victory with Bryan Smith

PEOPLE: Aidan Collins; Guy Martin; Ike Part; David Aldana


ADVENTURE: Riding the Himalayas on Enfields

PLACES: Aldeburgh; Brackney; Chirihama; Los Alamitos

PAGES: 100

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COVER STAR: Speed Merchant Harley-Davidson Street 750

Alternative cover: Icon 1000 special edition with Icon BMW R90/6

BIKES: BSA B33 DTRA racer; Wood Rotax; Mule Triumph Bonneville; Dirt Quake USA misfits; Lloyd Brothers Ducati 'Scrambler' GNC racer; Redmax Harley XR1000 street tracker; Ronin, BMW R90/6

HOW TO: Crash and walk away with David Aldana

PEOPLE: Kenny Coolbeth; Troy Bayliss

PORTFOLIO: The artwork of Emroca

PLACES: Costa Mesa, Dunkeswell, Moab, Rancho Deluxe

PAGES: 100

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COVER STAR: Olivier Le Quellec and his Harley-Davidson WR DTRA racer

Alternative cover: Kriega special edition with Chris Salt

BIKES: Harley WR750 DTRA racer; Weirbach Kawasaki ER6 GNC racer; Busch Brother DT400 Desert Fox; BMW Dakar racer; Shell Yamaha XS750; KTM 690 Duke; Tracy Triumph 5TC; Del Mar Hooligan Sportsters and minibikes; Honda Dominator

HOW TO: Get the holeshot with Johnny Lewis

PEOPLE: Greg Hancock; Robert Redford; Doug Chandler; Nico 'Ornamental Conifer' Sclater

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Vince Perraud

MOVIE: Little Fauss and Big Halsy

ADVENTURE: Sideburn's Sahara trip

PLACES: Costa Mesa, Dunkeswell, Moab, Rancho Deluxe

PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: Drake McElroy and Honda CRF450

BIKES: Baer Racing KTM 1000 GNC racer; Honda CRF450 cafe motard; Maico Mega 2 490; Suzuki Boulevard fat tyre desert racer; 1930s Norton Dirt Track; Trackmaster Titan 500; Yamaha XS650 street tracker

PEOPLE: Jared Mees; Ian 'Tiddler' Turner; Dimitri Coste; Stu Egli; Marc Marquez

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Dimitri Coste

BLUEPRINT: 1929 Norton DT

PLACES: Barcelona; Black Rock Desert, Canterbury; Misano 

PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: Jellyfish racer by Lennard Schuurmans

Alternative cover: Chris Wiggins for Biltwell

BIKES: Speed Merchant Thresher H-D 500; C&J Kawasaki ER6; Ronin; Honda V-Twin DTRA racer; Grey Coffin Bultaco; Hodaka Combat Wombat
PEOPLE: Sammy Halbert; Davros; Jeff Wright;
Tai Woffinden; Mark Brelsford

EVENTS: Dirt Quake III, Hell on Wheels Japan
PLACES: Brin Sur Seille; Denver; Des Moines; Saitama
PAGES: 100

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COVER STAR: Dave Skooter Farm, Honda Dax

Alternative Cover: Stevie Gee, Kawasaki Z200

BIKES: Sleaze Bandit - Stevie Gee's Kawasaki Z200; Crosley Kawasaki GNC Ninja; Death Spray Rotax DTRA racer; Rive Gauche CX500 scrambler; Triple Nickel Bultaco Sherpa flat tracker; The Order Garage Gilera 300; Chopper Dave Sportster Turbo tracker
PEOPLE: Nicky Hayden, Skip van Leeuwen; Bryan Smith

ART: 2013 Sideburn x DTRA posters by Stevie Gee; Adam Nickel; Essy May; Ryan Quickfall; Brusco; Death Spray

BLUEPRINT: Roberts Champion Yamaha TZ700

EVENTS: DTRA Rye House race

PLACES: Ashton-in-Makerfield; Hackney; Hawaiin Gardens; Livorno
PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: Guy Martin at Pikes Peak

BIKES: Martek Suzuki Turbo; Shovelhead ice racer; Triumph pre-unit DTRA racer; Harley XR750 street tracker tested by Isle of Man TT racer, Mark Miller
PEOPLE: Skip Aksland; Go Takamine; Sonny Nutter

ADVENTURE: 1960s desert racing; Racing an XR750 at the Springfield Mile 

BLUEPRINT: Bonneville Performance GNC racer

EVENTS: Dirt Quake USA, Pikes Peak Hillclimb
PLACES: Barstow, Calabasas, Leicester, San Jose
PAGES: 100

Sold Out

COVER STAR: Valentino Rossi

BIKES: Roland Sands KTM street tracker; Maxwell Paternoster-painted Zaeta DT; Rickman T100
PEOPLE: Brad Baker; Valentino Rossi; Ann-Margret; Denny Barber - The Flying Irishman; Rick Hocking

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Yve Assad

MOVIE: Alex Cox on Mad Max

BLUEPRINT: Trackmaster BSA A7

EVENTS: Salem Indoor Short Track
PLACES: Amilly-Ouerray, Clunes, Milwaukee, Tavullia
PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: Frederic Olivieri, El Solitario Petardo

BIKES: El Solitario Ducati Petardo; Honda CR500 short tracker; Suzuki 650 Savage scrambler; Enfield 500s; Formula 2 speedway 450s; Busch Brothers 1974 Yamaha MX100; Bixente BSA 500
PEOPLE: Jim Rice; John Roeder; Kenny Roberts

BLUEPRINT: Harley-Davidson XR750

EVENTS: Barbara Fritchie Classic; Virginia Mega Mile

ADVENTURE: Enfields at 18,380ft
PLACES: Colonial Downs; Khardung La; Orlando; Rias Baixas
PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: Kayl Kolkman, Earle Motors Ducati

BIKES: Earle Motors Il Mostro; 1924 Harley-Davidson 8-valve racer; 1971 Yamaha DT1 Do-It-All multitool; El Solitario Flying Gonzo; Neo Astro concept; See See 1969 Honda CL90; Trackmaster Benelli 650; 1968 Honda CB350 flat tracker; Yamaha TT600 DTRA framer; SWM Guanaco
PEOPLE: Joe Kopp; Kayl Kolkman; Dennis Kanegae

BLUEPRINT: Bultaco Astro

EVENTS: Dirt Quake II; 1972 Italian Scrambling

PLACES: Hatboro; King's Lynn; Perris; Vancouver
PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: Wood Norton by Mick Ofield

BIKES: Bottpower XR1; 1973 Triumph TR5 Adventurer; Asterisk Kawasaki KX500; Hard Nine Indian Scout 101; ReBorn Yamaha SR250; 2012 Redmax Norton 961; 
PEOPLE: Mert Lawwill; Steve Eklund; Top GNC mechanic Brent Armbruster; Clint 'Credence' Reynolds; Sammy Tanner

PORTFOLIO: The art of Conrad Leach

BLUEPRINT: Wood Norton

MOVIE: Once a Jolly Swagman

ADVENTURE: Drogo Michie's rookie DTRA season

PLACES: Bryce Canyon; New Cross; Sendai; Valencia
PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: Cover 1 - David Death Spray, Triumph T5A. Cover 2  - Christophe Canitrot, Triumph T120R

BIKES: Project K Racing KTM 1000 GNC racer;  El Solitario Chupito Ducati; 1962 Triumph 650 'Grasshopper' dirt chop; Trackmaster TR6 street tracker; Bonneville 'Grasshopper'; Triumph T120R hardtail street tracker; John Kocinski's Knight Honda CR250; Ossa ST-1 
PEOPLE: Steve Morehead; Mert Lawwill

PORTFOLIO: The 1970s speedway photography of Gianni Tomba

HOW TO: The ABC of the GNC

ADVENTURE: Scram Africa; Tiger 800 on a frozen Swedish lake

PLACES: Cardiff; Karlstad; Toulouse; Volusia

PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: Nico Covatti

BIKES: Zaeta DT450 street tracker; Zanotti H-D XR750; Cujo - Thor Drake's possessed DT400; 1458cc Krazy Horse Sportster; Triumph Derny motorpacers; RSD Hurley Harley Sportster; Bonneville Performance Triumph GNC flat track racer; Bleekers BSA & Norton
PEOPLE: Bubba Shobert; Nico Covatti; Davida Aldana; Skip Aksland

PORTFOLIO: The art of Lennard Schuurmans

ADVENTURE: Dirt Quake I; Bultaco around the post-war Falkland Islands

PLACES: Lonigo; Portland; Osaka; Herne Hill

PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: Cover 1 - David Death Spray, Triumph T5A. Cover 2  - Christophe Canitrot, Triumph T120R

BIKES: Project K Racing KTM 1000 GNC racer;  El Solitario Chupito Ducati; 1962 Triumph 650 'Grasshopper' dirt chop; Trackmaster TR6 street tracker; Bonneville 'Grasshopper'; Triumph T120R hardtail street tracker; John Kocinski's Knight Honda CR250; Ossa ST-1 
PEOPLE: Steve Morehead; Mert Lawwill

PORTFOLIO: The 1970s speedway photography of Gianni Tomba

HOW TO: The ABC of the GNC

ADVENTURE: Scram Africa; Tiger 800 on a frozen Swedish lake

PLACES: Cardiff; Karlstad; Toulouse; Volusia

PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: Tim Neave, Royal Enfield 500

BIKES: SWM Silver Track 340 concept bike - tested; Radical Ducati Yamaha XT600; 1940 Indian Sport Scout; Bultaco Astro; Triumph TR6C; Hard9 1958 Tiger Cub; Sideburn Royal Enfield 500; HWZNBROSS HArley 45s; Black Douglas x Boneshaker Sportster 
PEOPLE: Chris Carr; Lewis Wharton Sr; Briar Bauman; Jim Odom

MOVIE: The Making of On Any Sunday

ADVENTURE: Finnish Chopper Flat Track; Dimitri Coste takes on Pikes Peak

PLACES: Bern; Kanagawa; Madrid; Pikes Peak

PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: Scotty Stopnik, Triumph T110

BIKES: Scott Powersports Kawasaki 650 Ninja GNC racer; KTM Bikenstein concepts; Luyckx Shovel boardtracker; Honda RS750; Yamaha XS650 budget racer; Lazer Skull BSA B-Series; Gregg's Customs R1 Street Tracker
PEOPLE: Johnny Lewis; Jay Springsteen; Travis Newbold; Anthony and Geoff Co-Built; Maxwell Paternoster; Ben Bostrom; Hugh Mackie and Sixth Street Customs; Bubba Shobert

EVENT: Field Day, Japan; Hell on Wheels

ADVENTURE: The Johnny Lewis Guide to Surviving the GNC; 

PLACES: Riverside, Hiroshima, Oxford, Anif Salzburg

PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: Seb and Drago, Yamaha SR500, Kawasaki W650
BIKES: Redmax Nortaco; Hard9 Triumph Cub; Blitz SR500s; Mule Streetmaster Bonneville; JvB Ducati Flat Red

PEOPLE: Scott Parker; Kenny Coolbeth; Gary Nixon; Ralph White

HOW TO: Build your own dirt track

EVENTS: Red Marley Hillclimb; Berlin Ice Speedway GP; Oxford Short Track; 

ADVENTURE: Speedway in a WWII warzone; the Real Great Escape

PLACES: Köln, Tel El Kabir, Salinas, Leigh

PAGES: 100


COVER STAR: Bryan Smith, Werner-Springsteen Kawasaki ER-6
BIKES: Husqvarna 570 street tracker; Yamaha XS650 street tracker; Don Castro's Tracy Body GNC Triumph; Wrenchmonkees Z970; Werner-Springsteen Kawasaki ER-6 Ninja; 1928 Harley JD racer; Harley XR1200 road racer

PEOPLE: Eddie Lawson; Julie Wood; Daisuke Mukasa of Animal Boat; Alex Jorgensen; Homer Knapp; Eddie Mulder

PORTFOLIO: The art of Carby Tuckwell (Deus Ex Machina)

EVENTS: 1980s Charity Newsies pro flat track; Roland Sands road races an XR1200 at Brands Hatch; Original Racing Situation, Italy

PLACES: Brands Hatch; Helsingborg; Hollywood; Treviso

PAGES: 100

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COVER STAR: Gary Inman, Sideburn Honda FT500
BIKES: Honda Bros/Hawk 650 short tracker; 1970 Triumph Trophy 500 bobber; Suzuki SV650 framer; Sideburn Honda FT500; Wall of Death Indian Scout; Danuvia; 1920s Indian Chief Board Tracker; 1951 AJS 18CS Special

PEOPLE: Sammy Halbert; Masaki Mihayashi (M&M's Japan); Gene Romero; Minx a'Matosis; John Hateley; Chris Carr

MOVIE: Rollerball deconstructed by Alex Cox

PLACES: Budapest; Kanagawa; Las Vegas; Paris

PAGES: 100

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COVER STAR: Jake Johnson, Harley XR750

BIKES: C&J Rotax; RSD 450 SuperSingles; Yamaha XV250 powered Indian Scout; Harley WR; BSA B40; Original Zaeta 450; Chopper Dave’s Big Twin street tracker
PEOPLE: Nichole Cheza; Shayna Texter; David Aldana; the Smoking Seagulls, Graziano Rossi; Fay Taylour; Dimitri Coste; Don Emde
PORTFOLIO: Tiger Annual 1976
SHOP: Alan Belham’s Speedway Service
ADVENTURE: 1980s superbikes on a Swedish ice safari
PAGES: 100

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COVER STAR: Nikki Di Blasi, Kawasaki KZ400
BIKES: Kawasaki KZ400; Wrenchmonkees Ironhead Sportster; CCM 450 Factory racer; Death Spray XS650; The Phanton EG (Norton Commando powered board tracker); Deus Ex Machina Yamaha SR542 Mono; Lloyd Brothers Ducati GNC racer; Yamaha TT500 short tracker; Rouserworks Flyrite Buell dirt chop
HOW TO: Win the Springfield Mile by Chris Carr
PEOPLE: Don Castro; Jason Griffin (one-armed racer); Bruce Penhall; Valentino Rossi; Wayne Karcich; The Bostrom Brothers; John Hateley
PORTFOLIO: Bombers Riverside MC 1940s archive
PAGES: 100

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COVER STAR: Jared Mees; Harley XR750
BIKES: Mule XR1660; BMW HP2 Supermoto beach racer; Yamaha TT500 short tracker; Harley WR; Yamaha SR500 street tracker; Hinckley monoshock Bonneville
EVENTS: Mablethorpe Beach Racing; 1960 Daytona 200
HOW TO: Make a Hot Shoe with Captain Highside
PEOPLE: Richard ‘Mule’ Pollock; Dick Mann; Scorpions Vintage Flat Track Motorcycle Club of Canada;  Ron Wood; Jared Mees; Craig Randall; David Aldana

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COVER STAR: 1976 Houston Astrodome Racers
BIKES: Harley-Davidson XR1000 street tracker; Wrenchmonkee SR500; Yamaha TZ750; Skooter Farm Transalp framer

EVENTS: 1976 Houston Astrodome; Japanese Autorace (Oto Resu)
PEOPLE: Amy Pruczinski; Dusty Haigh; Kenny Roberts; Max Schaaf; Gary Nixon

ADVENTURE: Across America on Sportster trackers

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COVER STAR: Gene Romero, Trackmaster Triumph
BIKES: KTM LC4 framer; Trackmaster Yamaha XS750; Bonneville Performance Triumph street tracker

EVENTS: 2000 Del Mar Mile; Peterborough Vintage Speedway
PEOPLE: The Dutch Brothers; Nicky Hayden; Brandon Robinson; Dan Mahony; 1960s dirt track nobodies

SHOP: Deus Ex Machina, Camperdown


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