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Bikes For Sale

Find flat trackers, street trackers and street scramblers for sale around the world. We will consider adverts for complete bikes and projects, interesting parts or memorabilia.

See what is available, and look back in the history to see what similar bikes were being offered for. We'll leave the old adverts up, but mark them SOLD.


We're starting this page as a free to advertise service (that might change in the future). 

Send photos and details of your bike by email. Check your spelling.

You must include contact details, where the bike is located and price. No price, no advert. Other terms are at the bottom of the page.

Email your details to sideburnmag at gmail dot com

DISCLAIMER: Unless specifically stated, these sales are nothing to do with Sideburn, we don't vouch for them, research their history or benefit from their sale. Buyer beware.

Sideburn reserves the right to decline any order or booking or decline to publish any advertisement, without explanation. 

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