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For Sale: Second Wave KTM 950

Reader ad. This bike is featured in Sideburn 51.

Based around 2005 KTM Super Duke (non-R)

Ground-up build, with redesign on the following;

Chassis, fuel system, wheels, running gear, electrics, bodywork and suspension.

Finished and currently in racing trim but supplied with front brake kit, horn, and original number plate at hand to set-up for daytime MOT.

Given a shakedown ride (on tarmac) through all gears hot and cold and feels brilliant.

100+ Hour build with specialised areas from CoBuilt, Vanoni racing, Machine shop, Stibnite and Coast racing.

All original documents, build development and spares, included with bike.


Contact Otis on 07792 966929

Located in Greenwich, London.


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