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For Sale: Reier Motors

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I have converted the Ducati Monster 900IE (model year 2000) to a flat tracker, for I myself love to ride flat track and I am a huge Ducati fan.

The 19’’ rims were anodized in blue in combination with Dunlop DT3 tires and wheel hub from an Husqvarna.

The fork itself is modified with blue nitrified dip tubes. I have manufactured the fork guard inhouse myself from aluminum and had them painted.

The top triple clamp and handlebar brackets are milled also from aluminum, the handlebar is a Pro Taper Flat Track and as a clutch pump I installed a Brembo RCS.

I have fabricated the combination of gas tank and rear from aluminum, with the rear based on the Ducati Panigale. The seat is made by a local upholsterer from Salzburg. I have had it sewn with extra grooves, so that one does not slip backwards when accelerating.

I rebuilt the rear frame and battery mount, rewired the electrics, removing everything you don't need for flat track racing.

I built the exhaust manifolds myself; the rear mufflers are from Termignone. I really wanted to install a dual exhaust on the left side, which was a bit tricky, because the routing of the exhaust pipe meant I had to put the footpeg pretty far out. Thankfully, this doesn't matter when riding flat track, since the left foot is on the footpeg only on the straights.

The swingarm is adapted to fit the 19" wheel. In the rear, there is a Brembo caliper that is moved down and connected to the engine with a strut. A full-floating brake disc is also installed. The rear brake system was also a bit more complicated to install. Since the swingarm moves, the caliper bracket has to be movableas well, but at the same time connected stably to the engine.

Start number plates and exhaust guard are also an inhouse built. The red anodized washers and brake line connectors add colorful accents.

The handlebar mounts are set far back to make the bike more stable on the straight, when drifting this combination - wide handlebars, far back, high handlebar mounts – makes for a good driving feeling.

The open clutch cover does not stay on when driving.

PRICE: €28,000 ONO

CONTACT: Christian REIER MOTORS, Mobil: +43 664 9128626 Mail: LOCATED: Lamprechtshausen, Austria


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