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For Sale: BSA A10 Oval Circuit bike

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BSA A10 Oval Circuit bike.

US import that was bought from a retired Oval Circuit Racer along with another, it’s pretty trick, the owner said it was an A10 (650) with an A7 (500) Top End, bored out and fitted with shorter con rods, so, short stroked and bored to rev better, he said this was the standard thing to do back then, I’ve not pulled it apart to confirm this, But, I can confirm it comes off the line like a scalded cat, I sourced a Catalina Petrol Tank to replace the tiny tank it had on it, the frame has been altered also for the track, but, the good news is that I have a standard, UK registered Frame that comes with the bike, so it’s UK road ready or for the Track.

It’s a stunning bike and one I’m dreading parting with, but I have too many.

For more details and images please contact Guy.


Braunton, North Devon

Tel: 07734054177


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