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Dirt Track Rookies, Spain

Words: Carlos Gonzalez

Photos: Alex Gerlach

Carlos Gonzalez from Vintage Addiction in Spain sent this report about Dirt Track Rookies, an event promoting grassroots flat track fun in his home country. Spain has embraced flat track to a small extent, Marc Marquez and the Superprestigio making it popular among the serious athlete side of racing, with former MotoGP winner and current US Superbike champ Toni Elias racing in the single class at AFT’s final round of 2017, and other younger Spaniards competing in odd races in the AFT series. Dirt Track Rookies is a different proposition, closer to what is happening with Hell’s Race in the Netherlands and Vintage Racing Spirit in France. It is aimed at bike builders and owners of classic flat trackers, giving them a relaxed taste of go fast, turn left.


With his friend Santiago ‘Santi’ García, Carlos organised their first track day. This is what he says about it.

'Dirt Track Rookies was born from our passion for motorcycles and the desire to leave the workshop to pilot our machines. Some time ago the idea of organising a dirt track event for the bike builders of Barcelona was in the air. The idea was for every workshop to prepare their motorcycle and run against other custom workshops. It is not just the competition, but for the simple fun of riding our motorcycles with friends from other workshops, creating a better friendship between us.

'Santi formed a part of the famous workshop of Barcelona, La Corona Motorcycles. He was also the creator of the event Metamorfosis Masiva. Now Santi works in his own workshop called Corb Motorcycles. I am another the builder who forms the Team Rookies, and the owner of Vintage Addiction.

'People liked the idea but for some reason it had not managed to start. Santi and I had a few vacations in Asturias where we attended the Motorbeach Fest, and enjoyed the dirt track races. We realised all those people were travelling hundreds or thousands of kilometres to ride on the track.

'We returned home with the idea of organising an event like that in Barcelona, a place where this type of race had never been happened. The spirit of the event meant it would not be for professionals, but an event that everyone could enjoy, from the workshops to the individual who builds motorcycles in the garage of his own house. Dirt Track Rookies was born.


'This first edition, held at Rancho Canudas in November 2017, was a success with more than 30 motorcycles on track and approximately 90 people enjoying barbecue, friends and motorcycles.

'Friends came from France, some of them travelling more than 700km. Also the boys of 5Special, came from Galicia, leaving home on Saturday, buying a motorcycle on the way and to ride like a madman on Sunday. The Rancho Canudas track cooked paella and sausage for us to eat. All people enjoyed a complete day, with good weather in November.

'Fran Serra Sala, second in the World Dirt Track Championship, came to visit and demonstrated how an authentic Dirt Track rider has to do it.


'Now we have desire to organise many more Dirt Track Rookies. Long live dirt track.'

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