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Bottpower XR1R Testing

Sideburn's poet and track tester, Travis was approached to race the Bottpower XR1R at Pikes Peak. The test programme included flying out to Spain for a shakedown two weeks before the hillclimb. This is the report from his personal 747 Rider blog

Words: Travis Newbold

Photos: Mario Rodrigo Martin

I was told on Friday that I would fly out on Monday to Spain to test the bike. I spent Saturday and Sunday racing the Temple Canyon Hillclimb some three hours south of home [Denver, Colorado]. I won and set a new motorcycle course record and had a shit-ton of fun doing it. I got home late Sunday night just in time to let the dogs out and have them get sprayed by a skunk. I packed my bag and wished my wife the best of luck with giving the dogs a bath.


After three planes and many hours I arrived in Spain where Bottpower David picked me up at Valencia airport and we went straight to the shop where the bike awaited me.


We spent several hours securing large bundles of excess wire spaghetti piles with zip ties and duct tape. Not exactly what I was expecting. At the local kart track that afternoon I got to spin some laps on the beast and was happy with how it handled. The next two days I spent with the bike up on a lift back at the shop, I diagnosed and fixed a charging system failure and did my best to tidy up some of the last minute stuff and give all the fasteners the touch of a wrench.


We then drove three hours to Aragon, home of Motorland, the most amazing track I have ever seen let alone ride. It has been home to MotoGP! The next two days we sorted out many issues. I did my best to keep positive and keep progressing with the bike. It is a very capable bike for Pikes Peak and I should have it up on my lift at my shop next week for some final messaging love. We will do some more testing and a track day before heading up to the mountain next weekend for the early practice weekend. With the team of friends and support we have I am confident we will have the bike operating in top form and I will gain next level confidence allowing us success. 

The Bottpower Pikes Peak Project is supported by these companies: 

Kriega, Rotobox, CeraCarbon, Technical Composites, Continental Moto España,

Global Racing Oil, Totimport, Derestricted, 

Husmee Studio Graphique, Sideburn Magazine, Motorbike Magazine, Newbold’s Motorbike Shop, Intelligent Design Solutions (IDS), Team BRS / BRS Suspension Works, Work & Wear

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