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Di Traverso Goes Hungary

Marco Belli's flat track school goes on tour


I am proud to announce that Hungary was the first ex-communist country to host Marco Belli’s Di Traverso Flat Track School. Of course, it was not a race between countries that had lived behind the Iron Curtain, but we were really proud, that after an almost one year of coordination, the Professor arrived at a brand new track, near to Budapest.


The Moto Track Arena is the first real flat track oval in Hungary, and the owner is working non-stop to make it something to be really proud of and the school participants signed up quickly after our first anouncement in February, arriving from different areas of the country.


We knew already that flat track is the best sport in the world, and it didn’t matter where the riders were from, or where they normally rode, on the street or on closed road race tracks, the level was almost the same for everybody. This kind of riding was so different from everyone’s experience, yet the smiles were the same on the faces of the bike enthusiast lawyer, the ex-supersport rider, the world famous cameraman, the restaurant owner, our senior road tester, or the prefectionist sound guru.


Flat track is a bit of like life, you never know what will happen in the next corner, and if you did one really well, you have to forget it in the same second, because you have to prepare for the next one. And this is Marco Belli’s biggest goal, because this Italian legend seems like you and me, but the way he describes the riding methods and the way he shares wisdom with his pupils would embrass even the Dalai Lama. When Marco shows you what he has been describing just minutes before, you realize this guy is from another world, and rides his Yamaha like a gold armour knight from the Middle Ages. After a morning of lessons and practice you eat something for lunch, and during the afternoon track session you don’t believe you can be Belli, you don’t try to copy him, you are just focusing on yourself, and ensuring you enjoy every lovely minute that you can spend on the bike on the track.


So, how we can describe to spend a day in the Di Traverso Flat Track School? It’s a place, like no other, where you can collect so many new skills in a single day and it delivers more smiles than Amsterdam’s space cake shops. And what is the best thing about the school? Marco Belli himself.


So, a big thanks to Professor Belli for coming; to Sapka for his services and for his humble help; Daniel, for his creative mind and help in the organization;  the riders, and Peter, the track owner.


I’m already dreaming of the day the Di Traverso School comes back to Hungary.

Words and photo: Peter Guld 


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