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Words & photos: Pierre Robichaud


As a photographer DirtQuake USA is a paradise. A colourful garden of tutus, stars and stripes, spandex, minibikes, choppers and Canadians. It brings all of this together in one place, something that you might not normally see in a lifetime. All with the goal of having a good time.

It’s pure spectacle centered around serious and not so serious flat track racing. The setting is Castle Rock, an idyllic American small town race track with a storied history in the sport. It’s surrounded by woods and close enough to the river to rinse off from the day's heat and ever-

present dust. The dust is a key player and can create amazing photo opportunities as the lowering sun tries to cut through it.


This year the spectacle ramped up a notch with a half-time show of Lucha Libre wrestling. A ring was assembled just off the start line and the crowd swarmed around hooting and hollering at the heroes and villains. As I write this, it seems that

this spectacle could only be in fiction, but no it was real and in Washington, state that is, not DC.

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