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C-Tex Presents: 1992 Mineral Wells Half-Mile

Cory Texter is not only the 2019 AFT Production Twins champion, Sideburn columnist and podcaster, he's a total flat track nerd. Who better to recommend flat track race highlights on YouTube to watch?

The race is the Mineral Wells Half-Mile from 1992. It had rained quite a bit, which is not ideal for a clay track. The first highlight from this YouTube video is heat race number one. Not only is my dad, Randy Texter in this heat race, but you also have Scott Parker, Chris Carr and Ricky Graham. Those three combined have won 19 Grand National Championship titles. You would think the highlight of this race would come from one of those three, but it didn't. It came from Rusty Rogers. Rusty was one of my favourite riders growing up. A southern kid with a mullet, from Virginia, Rusty was the epitome of 'Wreckers or Checkers' every time he hit the race track. He's putting on a clinic before, well, you'll see. 

The second highlight from this video is of my Dad during his semi. He gets a good start and is mixing it up with Chris Carr, Dan Ingram and Aaron Hill before he catches a rut and lowsides the motorcycle. I instantly bookmark any footage of my Pops that I can find on YouTube. It's really cool hearing a legend like Dave Despain announcing my dad's name in the same race with other legends of the sport.

The third and biggest highlight is from the 25-lap main event. So many legends are featured in this race. You have Parker, Carr, Graham, Steve Morehead, Jay Springsteen, Terry Poovey, George Roeder II, Rodney Farris, Kevin Atherthon, Rich King and more. However, the only two that had a shot at winning this race were the late Will Davis and Rusty. They go handlebar-to-handlebar on a very sub-par racetrack. It gives me an adrenaline rush every time I watch this video and see how fast they are going with how crummy the track was. I won't give away all the details, but make sure you stay tuned to the Will Davis podium speech. 

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Apr 24, 2020

Great segment enjoyed it as a big fan of flat track and motorcycling.

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