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Redcar Dirt Track & Speedway Snaps

Because every DTRA race event has been cancelled this year, and I couldn't/didn't want to travel out of the country to race, this year's dirt track riding had been limited to a couple of practice days at Greenfield. When the DTRA's Amman Valley round was cancelled at the last minute (due to you know what) a few UK riders committed to going to Krowdrace at Parchim in East Germany. I was told about the chance to race a lot closer to home, at a small meeting shared with a speedway event, at Redcar.

There was a morning meeting, for speedway amateurs and juniors and 'inappropriates' (that word entering the motorcycling parlance after being first coined by Dirt Quake). The inappropriate bikes were pit bikes, XR125s and even a trials bike.

In the afternoon were pro and semi-pro speedway riders and a field of 12 flat trackers on a mix of DTX and framers, with skill levels ranging from DTRA Pro (Angus Gough) to never sat on the bike or entered a race before (Hollie Stevenson, sister of Barry the Punk). Each class had five races and a final, but the final was just a fun extra ride, the points from the five heats making the day's results. Each heat would be just four laps (this being a speedway race). The Speedway riders had a maximum of four riders per race, us dirt trackers had 12 riders, on a very widely spread grid and starting behind speedway tapes. It was a well-run relaxed meeting, the track was well-prepped despite lots of rain, and it was good to speak to some of the young speedway riders.

Here are some snaps I took between the races.

After a couple years away, Ross Herrod is back with another DTRA Thunderbike. Like his previous racewinner, this is a KTM Rotax enduro bike converted to short track spec. Neat job, Ross!

Co-Built pipe and rare Sideburn 85% club sticker.

Barry The Punk's Voodoo Framer (click that link to read all about it) and his revamped Survivor Rotax that his sister was about to ride and race for the very first time.

Assessing the rear suspension to try get more traction. Ross Herrod on knees, Barry trying to work out if he's worth listening to, Murphy (in Sideburn shirt) thinking about his dinner.

Sticker game: strong

Barry's dad, Mr Stevenson, helping out as always. This family are always great to see in the pits.

Oliver Brindley support sticker.

This was the Voodoo's first shakedown race and Barry was tweaking front an back. Here he's changing the inserts in his adjustable Survivor triple clamps, tanking Sideburn for Cory Texter's C-Tech piece on geometry adjustment know-how in Sideburn 42.

We don't get to race with speedway riders much, but I always like seeing their distinctive style and paintjobs.

Young Scottish racers in tartan kevlar suits.

Got it bad for plaid.

Dad and lad Bowen. The dad introduced himself as from the Bowen Pie company who bought the Sideburn motorised Dirt Quake pie.

Who isn't?

New generation speedway racers, male and female.

16-year-old Katie Gordon, ready for action.

Fast lad, dodgy spokes.

Union Jack remix.

Neat, old methanol-burning Weslake

Time to load up. Texas Chris's Ford Transit Connect + Moon discs.

Unremarkable results for me, but not a single crash for any of the flat trackers in our 6 races. The speedway riders couldn't stop flinging themselves at the airfences. Thanks to Redcar speedway for including a dirt track class and to the racers who came from far and wide for the ride.


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