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85% Club - Is Your Number Available?

We began with 85 boxes - each with a one-off number plate and a pile of limited edition gear. Say the number you want is 13, click the Sideburn 85% Club link and scroll down to 13. Oops, it's sold. What about 31? Yeah, that's there (for now). Grab it!

The Sideburn 85% Club is for riders who are willing to give 85% for 100% of the time (because they've got work on Monday). It's a club in a loose term, if you want to be a member then you're in. You're obviously on the right wavelength.

Each hand-screenprinted box includes these exclusives: Unique acrylic race number board

Club T-shirt (natural cream/off-white, roomy fit)

85% Club neck tube made in Italy for Sideburn by Holy Freedom

2 x Race numbers to match your number (single digits get two number stickers, double digits gets four numbers)

Sticker pack

2 x A3 posters

Each acrylic number board, just like those used in American Flat Track and the DTRA, is a one-off. If you get the number, it's guaranteed no one else in the world has it.


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