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Malle Mile 2022 Megapost

There is always such a rush to get things out. I suppose there always has been. It's called 'news'. Now social media always wins the race, whether it's the first to 'announce' the death of celebrity or spoil the result of a race someone hasn't had chance to watch on catch-up.

Back in the days of the old Sideburn blog I used to stay up late into the night posting reports from events and happenings as soon as I could. Then Instagram came along and made everything instant. We kept blogging, moving it here onto our own website, but the urgency disappeared. Now it's not unusual for the blog to report on an event that happened weeks or even months ago, like this Malle Mile report from the summer. We posted some photos on Instagram at the time, but I still think there's value in these Megaposts. I hope so, because they take time to put together.

If you like a look of this event, bear in mind Malle Mile 2023 tickets are now on sale. It's happening on 20-23 July 2023. GI

The Malle Mile takes place in the grounds of Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincolnshire. They are massive grounds (stolen by the gentry from the people), with a huge campsite and car park, various tracks for racing, and the central 'metropolis', above, with the stage, custom show marquee, stalls, beer tent and Demondrome wall of death.

One of the Malle founders, Robert, with his Dot Villiers-powered scrambler. Robert is non-stop for the whole weekend.

Malle London started out as a manufacturer of high-end motorcycle luggage, but quickly expanded into clothing and events. Their aesthetic is classy and vintage-inspired, and it rubs off, to some extent or other, on many of the Mile's attendees.

There is definitely no dress code though. Malle are welcoming to all.

Talking of clothes, here are couple of my favourites T-shirts spotted during the weekend.

Whatever works...

Repping Buddy Custom Cycles


Repurposed Raceface tote bag.

Looking back through the photos I seem to have photos of a few of tasty Triumphs, including this late Meriden Bonnie desert sled.

And Phil's unique Trident

None too subtle hint of a 'built' motor.

Lots going on there. Big coils, big air filers, Krober tacho, mangled license plate, SB sticker...

Inside the custom tent was The Double Six Trackmaster Triumph.

It was alongside an F1 car. Not sure if it was real or one built as an exhibition vehicle. Interesting either way.

And an Ornamental Conifer Lambretta Li Series 1, among other stuff.

Trials legend Dougie Lampkin was in attendance in his role as an ambassador for CCM.

CCM had their X-Fire concept on display. Tasty thing.

Another British manufacturer who sponsor the event are Morgan. They've been building cars in the UK for over 110 years. This is their recent special edition CX-T.

External rollcage, spare wheels in the back, chunky rubber, all alloy body, BMW four-cylinder power. Yes, it was a production car in this spec, riffing on the company's history with long-distance trials.

255bhp, £204,000 (eek).

Morgan also brought the brand new Super Three. What's with all the Morgan? Well, they sponsor the event, chasing a new demographic to buy their £40K three-wheelers and...

Malle have made a range of luggage and foul weather clothing for this model.

I've been reading a lot about Morgan lately. I want one (a Plus Four). But I'll get over it.

Herald Motorcycles are another British company who sponsor the Malle Mile. They turn up with a whole fleet of bikes, a mix of their 250s and 500s, like this Brute 500, that are raced all weekend.

DTRA class champions Max Inman and Jack Bell were enlisted...

DTRA racer Jamie Kimber competed too.

A ton of tasty competition bikes come out of the woodwork for the Malle Mile. God only know how tall this guy is to make the CR look like a minibike.

What do we have here? A Trophy 250? And look how parched that grass is. 2022 was the warmest English summer many people can remember.

It wasn't all old knockers. Former British dirt track number 1, Alan Birtwistle came with his Alta electric. He deals in these if you're after one.

Cake, the Swedish electric bike company, hand a stand next to Sideburn and were running test rides on an off-road loop. People were raving about the bikes every time they came back from a ride.

Back to the old knockers. This is Brink with his Cro Customs Shovel.

The DTRA's Anthony Brown is talking ignition retardation and Amal GP float heights with a couple of unlucky victims. His BSA Gold Star is the absolute nuts.

The tank was painted by Ryan Roadkill. The 'ant' is for Anthony.

We had Ryan signing Sideburn skate decks on our stand.

To prove it, there he is.

Ryan with happy customer David, who is behind one of our favourite blogs from the heyday of motorcycle blogs, Le Container. He was one of a big contingent of ace faces from France, Spain and Argentina, including Vincent, the founding father of Wheels & Waves, and the El Solitario crew.

Stoke level high! Chris from New York was over the moon to meet one of his favourite artists.

Another happy customer. All our decks come in custom boxes.

Marnie, whose street legal grasstracker we featured in Sideburn 27, bought a pair of our NOS Metro race pants.

Her dad did too. Check out the full variety of colours and sizes in the Sideburn Racewear department.

Our orange long-sleeve Racing Specialties went down a storm. Nick Ashley, David El Solitario and Geoff Co-Built all ending up with one.

Every walk through the site throws up photo ops of mad, bad or beautiful vehicles.

No van? No problem.

Rare Dutch DAF (I'm pretty sure) in Filled Nappy Beige.

The Jimmy's Iced Coffee truck. They gave out countless bottles of their tasty beverages.

But, it's the people that make events like these. When I'm working the Sideburn stand, I'm there for 12-14 hours a day, and the world rolls past.

People like Murphy and Chloe

Matthew and Nicki

Lei (looking very Midsommer) and Neil

A rare sighting of both Corpses From Hell (IYKYK). And a not rare sighting of our Sand Flea.

Max of Vanoni Moto Officina and Silvia.

Leah having a well deserved beer after a long day giving new riders their first taste of two wheels with her Days on the Dirt school.

Gareth and his son off for a burn up

As the day's race action slowed down the Sideburn stand started buzzing

Good gang

We made it onto the banner alongside some good company/companies.

Final shot of the weekend, as I was driving out of the venue. This is Grimsthorpe Castle. The driveway is used for racing. If you were there you'll notice there are no photos of the racing or the bands, or the yoga or the dozens of other things that go on. There is so much packed into the weekend, I just focussed on my snaps.

Well done Malle. Another great Mile.


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