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KrowdRace Megapost

Krowdrace, the fledgling German dirt track race championship, was the one of the few series anywhere in the world to make anything like a season happen in 2020. They were rightly proud to announce that a total of 112 riders from 11 countries travelled up to 2000km (1300 miles) to the north of Germany to take part in their wholly amateur series. The organisers chose tracks in areas with low Corona numbers, the three being Wolfslake, Parchim and Nordhastedt, a mixture of speedway short tracks and a half-mile. The series went ahead with the sponsorship of Indian Motorcycles, a great supporter of pro and amateur flat track around the world.

All three Sunday races were preceded by full-day practice sessions, which offered the riders plenty of riding time and opportunities to tune up their machines and get their eyes in. There were also taster sessions for beginners trying their first laps on dirt ovals.

Racing at one of the Krowdraces was on my 2020 to do list, but trans-continental travel didn't seem the right thing for me to do at the time. Hopefully 2021 will pan out differently. I know some Brits who did attend and loved the events. Taking a look at these great photos confirms Krowdrace are very much on Sideburn's wavelength.

Continue down for results and 2021 dates.

Sami Panseri from Italy on his Derbi Mulhacen Thunderbike

One of the Krowdrace organisers, Hermann Kopf on his Swanson Ducati single. Read about this bike in Sideburn 43.

Flying Dutchman and Pro class champ Mikael Dijkstra

Not sure who this is fella is, but I love this mutant Triumph, especially the cross-over pipes.

Yam XS650 action

Elbow-to-elbow vintage class racing

Thunderbike class launch

Single & Twins' BSA A65 Dream Bike click to read about it

Thomas Keppler on his Harley 45.

Yamaha SR500

Women's class champ and second overall in the Pro class, the Austrian rider, Yasmin Poppenreiter

Krowdrace co-organiser, Martin Huening and Indian FTR1200 hooligan

Below are the championship results for the 2020 season.

KROWDRACE CUP 2020 Gewinner, Platz 1-3


  1. Jan van Endert #995 (DE)

  2. Patrick Esser #78 (DE)

  3. Nico Sorbo #48 (IT)


  1. Luca Siekmann #619 (DE)

  2. Tobias Kassen #667 (DE)

  3. Kosta Adoniadis #19 (DE)


  1. Till Vanish #69 (DE)

  2. Lucas Gregorowicz #9 (DE)

  3. Andreas Steinhofer #66 (DE)


  1. Sabine Singenberger #14 (CH)

  2. Nina Lange #20 (DE)

  3. Stephanie Schröder #13s (DE)


  1. Yasmin Poppenreiter #93 (AT)

  2. Michelle Kroneisl #88 (AT)

  3. Selina Liebmann #289 (DE)


  1. Sami Panseri #85 (IT)

  2. Mitch van der Stelt #33x (NL)

  3. Michelle Kroneisl #88 (AT)


  1. Andreas Steinhofer #66 (DE)

  2. Oliver Betz #17 (DE)

  3. Thomas Keppler #45 (DE)


  1. Michel Colaizzi #98 (CH)

  2. Fiete Girardet #77 (DE)

  3. Lucas Gregorowicz #9 (DE)


  1. Sami Panseri #85 (IT)

  2. Nico Sorbo #48 (IT)

  3. Richard Japin #85x (NL)


  1. Maikel Dijkstra #58 (NL)

  2. Yasmin Poppenreiter #93 (AT)

  3. Hannes Köhn #13 (DE)


  1. Gary Birtwistle #11 (UK)

  2. Jay Young #704 (UK)

  3. Jonathan Falkman #50 (SE)

These are the dates for the 2021 season.

Photography: Carlos Fernández Laser and Patricia Sevilla Ciordia

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Feb 08, 2021

Fantastic!. *circles weekend of June 19/20 Dig!

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