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Interview: Dan Bromley

When we heard that Dan Bromley was moving from AFT SuperTwins into the Production Twins class we asked for an interview to find the reasons behind it, and we given some great insight from the 25-year-old former AFT Singles champ.

You told us you live in Glen Rock, PA and told us you were at work when we first got in touch, what is your job?

I am a full-time carpenter/ custom home builder for F.C. Batton and Son. We build pretty much any size or type of house, from the foundation to the roof.

We saw your announcement on social media that you're putting together a self-funded team for Production Twins, firstly was it your choice to leave SuperTwins or aren't there the opportunities there for you at the moment?

After the 2020 season concluded I received an email [saying] that I would no longer be supported by the Roof Systems team. This was a total shock to me as I was under the impression that I would have support for the following season. But, as I was told, racing is racing and Jerry needed to cut back for financial reasons which I totally understand. With COVID-19 going around and work being uncertain, I knew that most teams and companies would be cutting back. My decision to move back to the Production Twins rather than continue in the Super Twins was strictly a financial decision.

Dan in SuperTwins action on the FTR750 in 2020

You scored a handful of top fives, finishing 11th in the standings in 2020, did you live up to your pre-season hopes?

I think I lived up to my expectations. My goal was to finish inside the top 10 in points which I was just shy of. I did finish inside of the top 5 at three different races which was another goal of mine. I was also able to win a semi and start front row in a main event which was a goal I didn't think I would be able to achieve.

Was there anything about racing in SuperTwins you didn't expect?

Honestly, I didn't know how long the main events were going to be. I knew I could physically do 25 laps when we were in Volusia, but I wasn't ready for 35 laps! I think that was the biggest thing I wish I prepared better for.

I get the feeling you run with the minimum of support at the track. Is that correct? And, if so, was that a major disadvantage in 2020?

I wouldn't say the minimum support, but I definitely use what I have and make the best of it. We had a joke last year that we were the 'C team'. Some days we got to be the 'A team' when we finished good.

Running the number 1 plate for the KTM factory team in 2019

You've won an AFT championship, and come close the following year, do you think you can win Production Twins in your first year?

I believe I have a chance at doing well and being a front runner for the championship. I know my mechanic, Nick Henderson, has been putting in a lot of work to prepare and build all the motorcycles. Mentally, I know how to win a championship which I think is a big part of it.

Why did you choose Yamaha for Production Twins?

Financially it came down to a Kawi or a Yamaha. A Harley was too expensive to purchase. The cost of purchasing one Harley was the same cost to build two Yamahas, so we went in that direction. I've had the opportunity to race a Kawi back in 2015-2017, with Bill Werner's support, but ultimately the team decided to go in the Yamaha direction.

Are you building the bikes from scratch or rebuilding existing race bikes?

Nick built three bikes from scratch and we were also able to use an additional complete race bike and prototype frame.

What chassis are you using and why?

I personally like the J&M style frame. The first twin I raced was a J&M SV650 (750 which is currently for sale) and I loved it. Bill's Kawis were J&M's and the Indian I raced last year was in a J&M frame. For the bikes we will have for this season: 2 J&M, 1 C&J, 1 custom Frame, 1 additional.

How much will it cost to build each bike to the standard you require?

I honestly do not know the total cost per bike but I do know any and all support is greatly appreciated to help finish building the bikes.

Dan with his graphics supplier, Jamey Richards of R-Nyne Designs

Is there enough prize money to make it work?

There is enough to get by, not enough to make a living on. I need to finish top three in every race to break even.

Have you heard anything about the 2021 schedule that you like/ don't like?

I am happy that they are including Production Twins at all the TTs, but I am bummed that Daytona ST is not on the schedule. One track I am excited to get back to is the OKC Mile.

You're a former champ, still young, in previous generations you'd be establishing yourself in the top class, instead you've moved to a support class. Do you feel the whole AFT SuperTwins revolution came at the wrong time for you?

In previous generations I would have been in the premier class, but with the current situation of having to purchase a spot to be in the premier class, I cannot afford that. I believe I am a SuperTwin's calibre rider. In the beginning of the season last year, I may have thought differently, but at the end of the year I was consistently in the top 10 and finished the year with a 5th at Daytona.

How can people get in touch if they want to help, and how can they help? / 215-485-6532

Any existing sponsors you want to give a shout-out to?

The team is currently working with a title sponsor which we will be releasing soon

Mike Vinson- Vinson Construction

Wayne Sody - Sody Enterprises

Henderson Race Products

Duffs Speed N Mo-chine

Foard Racing

Viper Air

Lisa Niner 9R

Dave Bull

Seger Equipment


R-Nyne Designs

6D Helmets



S&S Cycle

Bromley Motorsports

Evans Waterless Engine Coolant

Light Shoe

Ritchie Reynolds Racing


Everyone that organized and donated to the Fan Bromley GoFundMe Page

Photos: AFT (action and track), Dan Bromley (workshop)


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