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McQueen OAS Huskie For Sale

If you've seen On Any Sunday (OAS), Bruce Brown's 1970 feelgood jolt of moto celluloid, you know the scene: flat track champion Mert Lawwill; moto all-rounder and bike shop owner Malcolm Smith and actor Steve McQueen meet up to show just riding around the countryside on their bikes is a fun time, you don't have to be a competition rider, like all those others the film focussed on, just go trail riding. The American public didn't need telling twice and there was an explosion in off-road play riding.

The bike McQueen rides in that scene is currently owned by Jason, a friend of mine who has been a constant through the life of Sideburn, having more bikes featured in our 32 issues than any other individual. I say currently, because it's coming up for auction at the Bonham's Auction at the Barber Museum, Alabama in October.

Jason bought the bike knowing it was an ex-McQueen 400 Cross, then through detective work, discovered it was the famous OAS Camp Pendleton beach bike.

What's more pleasing, and a true measure of Jason, is that even though he knew the bike was a McQueen Husky, he has raced it at two different Snow Quakes.


  • For more info on the auction go to

  • For the story of the bike and how it ended up at Snow Quake, wait for the next issue of Sideburn. Subscribe now to make sure you don't miss it.

  • To read Sideburn's story of the making of On Any Sunday, that I interviewed Bruce Brown and Malcolm Smith for, buy Sideburn 10

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