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Wells Joins Royal Enfield

It's a big year for Royal Enfield. The Production Twins class that seemed made for them (perhaps it actually was made for them...) has ceased to exist, so their air-cooled Twin FT is now in the SuperTwins class with the Indian FTRs and Estenson Yamaha MT-07s and the new KTM 890s of Jesse Janisch and Bronson Bauman. On paper, it looks like it's going to be very tough year for them.

Royal Enfield has chosen 2023 as the year to switch from a one- to two-rider team. Johnny Lewis, remains team manager, project steerer, number one rider, but they have added Ryan Wells. Wells is a former Singles champ, when it was called GNC 2 (remember that?).

We get the feeling Johnny has over-performed on the bike, so even though Wells is a skilled, experienced and tenacious rider, with twins experience, he might give more an accurate measure of the bike.


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