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Moroney's Fast Hogs

When Sideburn launched, in early 2008, it was difficult for non-Americans to find out about flat track. US fans could travel to races and buy Cycle News, but there wasn't much more. Social media started to change that, then came, introducing live racing to not only foreigners, but loads of Americans too. American Flat Track's website became a massive improvement of the former AMA Pro one, then regular podcasts appeared - Off The Groove and Tank Slappin'. Since lockdown, AFT has also introduced a weekly online show hosted by the voice of AFT, Scottie Deubler. Now every race is on NBC TV and Fanschoice has made was the the NBC Gold Pass coverage.

I've gone from sitting at the kitchen table, in the dark (literally and figuratively) watching live lap scoring timing sheets to try find out what is happening at a race, to being overloaded with flat track content. Perhaps I shouldn't be admitting this, being the editor/publisher of a flat track-obsessed magazine, but I do believe we're offering something different to the digital content.

This is a rambling intro to the point of the post, urging you to listen to the recent Pat Moroney episode of the Tank Slappin' Podcast.

Pat Moroney is a former high-level MX and enduro racer and the son of a motorcycle dealer. When he took over the family business Harleys, in the 1990s, Hogs were so popular they were, in his words, selling at $2000 over list, meaning if the RRP was $10,000 he was selling them for $12K, such was the demand. He sponsored loads or riders and ran a team, and the tales of being 'creative' with the rules and his thoughts of riders, racing, funding and the XG750 are not to be missed. He is also behind the FastHog brand. The photo above is Jared Mees on a Moroney's 883 Sportster before he earned his national number. Find Tank Slappin' wherever you find podcasts.

Tank Slappin' is hosted by Sideburn contributor, AFT Production Twins #1 Cory Texter, and Sammy Sabedra, a former racer and current mechanic for Ryan Varnes, who featured on our famous Trophy Queen page in SB40, and also wrote about pro racing in the time of Covid-19 for Sideburn 42.

Photo: Flat Trak Fotos


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