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More AFT SuperTwins news

More pieces of the AFT SuperTwins jigsaw have fallen into place in the last couple of days.

Today Jeffrey Carver announced he'd be competing in SuperTwins as a wild card privateer, on James Monaco's FTR750. It seems like Jeffrey lost the DFW Roof Systems backing and either wasn't able or didn't want to commit to a full season of the new SuperTwins class. It seems a shame that one of the true stars of the series is stepping back, but we know Jeffrey was/is very close to James Monaco, who was paralysed at the Minnesota Mile, the penultimate race of 2019, and Oliver Brindley, who suffered serious brain injuries at the last race of 2019, so that could have coloured his view of 2020.

How the wild card thing will work is unclear at the moment, but it seems strange that one of the top teams can't or won't entice this star onto their team. Carver was fourth overall in the standings, running as a privateer with Ben Evans, scoring four second places during 2019.

Yesterday's news was Davis Fisher being supported by the Briggs Auto team, who have supported racers in the GNC for years, most recently, I think, Jake Shoemaker. He will have the renowned tuner Johnny Goad working on his Indians.

The Oregon rider had an eventful season, smashing a bike to a pulp avoiding Jared Mees at the Black Hills HM, then coming back with a podium at the SacMile the week later, with another third before the end of the season. He finished 2019 9th in the standings.

Photos: Scott Hunter/American Flat Track


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