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Submit A Tracker for Bike Shed Show

We are preparing for our annual visit to the Bike Shed Show, where we will have a stand with the DTRA, and we'd like your help. We are looking for bikes to fill the flat tracker and street tracker display, that haven't been shown at any of the previous Bike Shed Shows. Bikes can be from any age or era.

We can't help with transport, so it's a case of you bringing and collecting the bike yourself. This is what the Bike Shed say:

Your motorcycle will need to be available for the entire show period, delivered to Tobacco Dock in Wapping on the 24th of May (before 3pm) and collected on the 26th (after 6pm). We don’t accept motorcycles that have previously exhibited at our shows and all bikes need to be fully finished. We appreciate the paint may barely have dried and that first-fire may be yet to come, but all functional parts must be in place. 

If you're interested, please email us a photo and details to sideburnmag at gmail dot com.

Photos: Shane Benson


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