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FILM: SuperCheetah v Indian FTR

It's less than five days until the Sideburn Indian FTR project. The bike is still looking remarkably standard. Luckily, we have a secret weapon.


Direction, camera, editor: James Cox, Black Dots Video

SFX: James Cox, Black Dots Video

Producer: Gary Inman

Sound: Adam Blyth

Mechanics: Steve Nichols, Cheetah


Cheetah: As himself

SuperCheetah: Cheetah

Indian FTR owner: Gary Inman


Kath Leone


Deborah Inman

Thanks to Claire D'Auria at Indian Motorcycle

Read more about Tokyo Connection: the Sideburn + Cheetah x Indian Motorcycle FTR

In case you missed it, this is the first film we made with our FTR.

#Indian #IndianFTR #Cheetah

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