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DTRA 2020 Update

Like every race series in the world, the DTRA is being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. There will definitely not be any races before June and the DTRA will watch the developments before making further decisions to see if a June race is possible.. The DTRA's head honcho, Anthony Brown, has made it clear that he doesn't want to run races at a time where on track injuries could put further strain on the NHS.

Good News 1: The new number plate, available exclusively to club members has been released. With an exclusive font, designed by House Industries, it's the envy of type nerds, and bootlegged by street tracker builders, the world over.

Good News 2: Anthony Brown is interviewed, for the second time, on the Off The Groove podcast,

You can download it to a smartphone, or listen via Off The Groove Soundcloud on your computer. Anthony reads an incredibly moving message from Derek, Oliver Brindley's dad, and, right at the end, messages from Ollie's friends and fellow racers.


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