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DMOL Devitt Hooligan

Despite the disruption of 2020, the US hooligan scene shows no sign of diminishing. There is a recognisable split between the RSD National Superhooligan series and the local scenes around the US. New hooligan bikes seem to be being built on a weekly basis. The recent Winter Throwdown race, organised in Florida by Cory Texter, had a massive entry of hooligans from as far away as Milwaukee.

The UK and Euro hooligan scene is smaller, but still offers up some high class racing and quality machinery. Like the DMOL, that's Death Machines of London, Devitt Ducati Scrambler Hooligan.

The bike was campaigned and initially developed by Pete Boast, but is now going to be raced by DTRA hotshot Jack Bell. Anyone who saw Jack make his debut in the class at King's Lynn in October will know he has got to grips with the twin and won't want miss seeing him in action against the likes of Gary Birtwistle, Jay Young and Leah Tokelove.

If all goes according to plan, Jack Will race in the DTRA's UK and Euro hooligan championship.


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