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Deus Framer

Deus Venice's in-house master builder (and accomplished racer) Michael 'Woolie' Woolaway has created another race-inspired road bike. This time it's a C&J framed MT-07 made road legal.

According to the Deus website (which has a slightly mixed-up description of the bike), the engine has a 'Factory Yamaha racing kit, which includes oversized pistons, factory spec ported cylinder head, superior race valves, cams and electronics package for custom engine tuning. Every internal moving part of the engine was then treated with an advanced micro shot-peening anti-friction process by WPC, which promotes performance and, more importantly, combats wear and failure.'

The frame, the write up says, was designed around the tank, but it looks very similar to the regular C&J Yamaha framer, like Cory Texter's C&J/Southland chassis as featured in Sideburn 39.

The road conversion is neat, like all Woolie's builds. Indicators are in the bar ends. A front fender hides on the backside of the front wheel where it catches at least some of the spray. Brembos and Ohlins; sidepanel (that the racebikes don't have) to hides the ignition switch and some electrics; single front projector and stock MT-07 dash. Wheels are by RSD, fitted with Mitas tyres. Woolie fabricated the seat unit from sheet alloy. The upholstery was handled by Saddlemen. Engine protectors are by Yoshimura.

I love it.

Further reading: Ross Sharp's Wasp Yamaha MT-07 Sideburn 37 cover bike.

Photos: Scott Toepfer via


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