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C-Tex Presents: 2002 Daytona Short Track

Cory Texter is not only the 2019 AFT Production Twins champion, Sideburn columnist and podcaster, he's a total flat track nerd. Who better to recommend flat track race highlights on YouTube to watch?

The Daytona Short Track in 2002 was nothing short of epic. Flat track was in a weird transitional period at that time. Many of the top riders were still riding Rotax-powered racebikes, but the emergence of the motocross-framed DTX bikes were being put in production as seen with Jake Johnson on the Honda CRF. This was the first year that the iconic motorcycle was built.

Chris Carr started the season as champion like so many times before, but this year he announced his sponsorship with Ford, which was huge for Carr and later for the sport as Ford Quality Checked Pre-Owned also became a title sponsor for the series in 2004.

Rich King is one of the coolest guys I have ever raced with and they talked about his motorcycle being a big bore and he would be facing a possible four race suspension which Werner said they were going to appeal. I am not sure if they ever filed the appeal, but I know he did sit out four races. This is one of the reasons Werner is nicknamed 'Big Bore Bill' as the bike was in excess of 540cc, well over the 505cc engine limit at the time. I felt bad for King because this was out of his hands and it basically knocked him out of the championship for that season during his prime when he was a strong contender to win it.

Check out the stacked lineup in heat three. Kopp, Varnes, Carr, Landes and Hacker among others. This heat race put Carr into the semi where he won a close one over Hacker. Hackman was a strong contender during these years and my Dad actually sponsored him through his tuner Johnny Goad.

Another of the qualifying races that I wanted to mention was a semi where Joe Eades and AJ Eslick got tangled up going across the finish line. Eslick threw an elbow, which promoted Eades to kick him as they crossed the stripe. I wonder what the penalty would be if something like that happened in the series now.

Terry Poovey solidifies his legend status in this video. The guy raced with a broken tailbone, cracked ribs and a number of other injuries to finish a very close runner-up to... Ricky Winsett.

You might not know the name Ricky Winsett, but where I come from he is a local legend. He grew up not far from me in Pennsylvania. This race was his second ever main event he qualified for and he won the damn thing. He did it wearing a sweatshirt. Can you imagine what Michael Lock would think if he ever saw that footage? Winsett grabbed a huge lead before Poovey ran him down, but just came up short at the finish. Another PA boy and pal of mine, Kevin Varnes finished on the podium in third. 

Also wanted to point out how sketchy the sponsor signage was on the straightaway? The race track at Municipal Stadium was already narrow, so I am not sure the thought process behind putting 8ft banners on the straightaway. And how about those trash bag covered hay bales in the corners? Pretty sweet.

Winsett's interview is priceless. Ironically, not many of these guys were great public speakers back then, but that victory lane interview is pure Ricky Winsett. Dude doesn't give a shit about fame and glory. He just wants to go fast on his motorcycle.

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May 11, 2020

How in the world did they allow all that signage on the track? Nice retelling of a wild night, Cory. Dig.


May 10, 2020

Good viewing, thanks Cory.

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