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The magazine won't land until next week, but we're putting it up on pre-order now if you want to get in now and be sent out with the first wave.

Some issues of Sideburn include dashes of film, art, adventure or leftfield moto culture with a core of flat track. Others are pure flat tracker and street tracker. Sideburn 38 is the latter. Page after page after page of dirt track racing with a dash of jawdropping street tracker in the middle.

COVER: Koolt Yamaha XT600E

BIKES: Koolt Yamaha XT600E; Survivor Lightning CRF450 framer; Toko KTM LC4 Thunderbike; Plan B Bianchi Rotax; Champion-frame 1967 Bonneville; 1920s Harley 4v board track special; Yamaha SR500 racer; Wood Rotax; Triumph Hooligan

PEOPLE: Ronnie Jones; Jared Mees; Shayna Texter; Gerard Bailo; 'Greenfield' George Pickering; Eddie Mulder

INTERVIEW: Ronnie Jones

ARCHIVE: Ronnie Jones Archive

HOW TO: Get back to basics with Johnny Lewis

EVENTS: 2019 Lima Half-Mile


PAGES: 116

Koolt Creations XT600 street tracker tearing up the Spanish desert

Ronnie Jones shares some of his archive of photos and remembers a bittersweet life in racing

Scott Toepfer's beautiful Champion Bonneville

How to solve the problem of a third floor workshop with Wesley

Plan B's beautiful Bianchi Rotax hybrid

Greenfield George, the Dirt Pervert

Modern Bonnie Superhooligan

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