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Ironhead (sort of) Street Tracker on UK eBay

I've been a bit slack on sharing the bikes for sales that Kev keeps forwarding to me, but here's one. 1976 Harley Sportster ironhead flat tracker. I think this engine is DTRA Vintage compatible, but check with the DTRA. It's pushrod, not overhead cam (which is what keeps XS650s out of the DTRA Vintage class)

Step 1. Successfully bid on bike.

Step 2. Get some much longer rear shocks from DTRA supporters, Hagon

Step 3. Slide those forks through the yokes about 3in

Step 4. Lose the front brake

Step 5. De-Frisco the tank

Step 6. Join the DTRA

Step 7. Live out your Mert Lawwill fantasies

The bike is located in North Wales. The sale is nothing to do with us and we don't know the history of the bike,. Buyer beware, as always.

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