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Krazy Horse Flat Track Night: MEGAPOST

Krazy Horse themed their first late Thursday night of 2019 as a flat track night. The late nights, the first Thursday of the month from spring to autumn, are big, everyone's welcome, bike nights. There's a huge barbecue, a band and Krazy Horse work with their neighbours to allow loads of parking for the crazy variety of vehicles that turn up.

Mark brought his beautifully turned out Trackmaster Triumph. This used to belong to Guy Sutherland, and Rob will be debuting it in the Sideburn-sponsored DTRA Vintage class at King's Lynn this Sunday (14th April).

Darren Legg brought his recently acquired Champion Yamaha RT2. This will also be in the DTRA Vintage class. I'm in love, but don't trust myself to keep an old Yamaha running with everything else that I have on my plate.

Lee is one of Krazy Horse's bike mechanics. He's racing an Indian Scout in the Hooligan class, as he has for the last couple of years, and this Zaeta 450 in Pros.

Jon Dyer brought his understated and minimal BSA B44 Vintage class bike out and helped man the DTRA stand. Jon's son Jake is racing a 250 in the Youth Seniors and his daughter is debuting this season as well!

The Indian Motorcycle UK event/race wagon turned up with an FTR750 on board. This is the only one outside the USA, we're told. Krazy Horse get this kind of treatment because they are the top Indian dealer in the country.

Vinnie is a Dirt Quake veteran and is also racing his R1 in the DTRA hooligans. He rode it Krazy Horse. It looked the most illegal thing in the car park, and that's a hard won accolade.

Sean drove all the way from Hastings to hang out! Bringing his DirtQuake class-winning dirt chop in the work's van.

Tasty Matchless G12

As soon as this combo rolled in my night was made. 1950s GMC long bed hauler with an XR750 (zero mile, I was told) and a road legal KR750 in the back. Expect a feature on this trio in a future Sideburn.

So far you've had photos of the race bikes. Now just a soupçon of the nutso machinery that turns up for a Krazy Horse late night.

This is Krazy Horse's Street Hooligan, based on a Scout, with 19s, new subframe, Ohlins suspension, new seat and front cowl... I spent a day on this bike last year and loved it. Krazy Horse sell the parts as a kit to modify your Scout, or will build one for you. This one has been bought now and turned up with it's new, proud owner.

Local OEM Herald brought their 450 street tracker concept, the Brute. We'd love to see this at DirtQuake in the street tracker class.

AMA Superbike style GS1000.

Jariel anyone? V-twin JAP in a Ariel chassis, with rude Brooklands silencer (pardon?).

Endurance style Meriden Triumph T150 triple

Deranged small frame Vespa with, what looks like, an RD350LC engine and underslung monoshock. The work that has gone into this conversion is mind-boggling.

Road-going Honda supermoto. I read a description of eateries like Hooters the other day: breastaurants. Beat that!

Deep down, Krazy Horse is a chopper and custom shop.

I fell in love with this Dodge station wagon. Luckily the owner said it was a keeper so I wasn't tempted to leave a deposit (and wonder where the hell I was going to keep 22ft of land yacht).

There were stepsides everywhere. This one had a builder's name and number painted on the doors. I like to think the whole resto went through the books under 'repairs to works Ford van'...

More stepsides...


Turn around at any moment and you see a view like this...

This is one of Paul, the Krazy Horse bossman's many tasty vehicles. Late-60s Impala. Note: chrome-plated chain link steering wheel.

Show's over folks. Just time for me to have a sit on the soon to be released Indian FTR 1200 and scowl moodily. This is an unregistered static demo bike that had been at Krazy Horse for a weekend event. They've sold a bunch of them. Get your deposits in if you want one of the first batch to reach the country. I'm looking forward to having a ride on one. Not long now...

Thanks to all at Krazy Horse for always making us welcome, for supporting Sideburn and the DTRA and the UK bike scene in general. Good folks, great shop.

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