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Atlanta by OBR24

Another update from AFT Singles contender, Oliver Brindley.

Atlanta went well considering how much we had to fit in before. Woody Kyle, WKR - Woody Kyle Racing - a hero of our sport, worked to get my motor finished up for Atlanta with the WKR tricks of the trade.

I left Woody's, in Clearwater, FL, on Wednesday to get to the dyno in Orlando with Pat Mooney. Pat got the new bike dialled in by 6pm so we could head up to a track in Travelers Rest, SC (8 hrs north) for some testing. Karl [a family friend spending time with Ollie to help out] did the first half of the driving and I finished it off to arrive at around 4am. I woke up to finish the bike off at 6:30 seeing as I had an hour time slot from 8am till 9am to blow the cobwebs off! My dad rocked up just as I was prepping and surprised me with my Mum being with him (I had no idea).

Round two of the championship was at the Atlanta Short Track at Dixie Speedway, Woodstock, Georgia. Practice and qualifying started off sluggish while we got the bike dialled in. The track was faster in Q1 (qualifying session 1) and I was 17th. In the second and final qualifying session I was 4th (out of 48 riders). I finished fourth in my heat but the day was ended with rain. We were told we'd be back on track at midday on Sunday.

We started up the next day with a four-lap practice then straight back into semis... I was second in the semi meaning I would have a front row start in the main. I got the holeshot in the main but was put into the wall by another rider on the first lap. I regrouped in fourth and fought on throughout the race finishing p4. I was definitely fast enough to lead the race, we know that. I'm sitting fourth in the championship after two races.

AFT Singles Standings

1. Bromley

2. Price

3. Janisch

4. Brindley

5. Wells

6. Stollings

We drove back to JL10's to organize sleeping arrangements for the rest of the year! Thank you to Woody and Judy Kyle for putting up with us and for their hard work; my mum and dad for their time and efforts and all my sponsors that continue to believe in me. Texas Half-Mile next, on 28 April.

Read about Ollie's first season as a pro flat tracker in Sideburn 32.

Follow his instagram @oliverbrindley24

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