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XR750: 50 Years of Wins

Evan Senn, the filmmaker behind Fast & Left, was commissioned by Harley-Davidson to make a film to commemorate 50 years since the release of the XR750. He approached me to write a script to tie the interviews he had planned together. I'm glad I said yes, because he's made a beautiful film with legends of the sport.

Well done, Evan, people will watch this, and watch it again, for years to come. GI

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28. Nov. 2020

..having known you for quite a few years now, your passion for our sport never ceases to amaze me. so glad you are getting the recognition you so richly deserve!! .#fastandleft .. kk#38

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Ted  Ellis
Ted Ellis
24. Nov. 2020

Worth the wait!!!!

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24. Nov. 2020

Most excellent!!

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