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Watsonian Custom Service

Watsonian are offering a customising element to their sidecar business. The new custom division is named Nineteen 12, after the year the British specialists were founded.

They knocked up this Enfield Interceptor 650 combo to show what they can do. The bike features:

  • Battle Green matt paint

  • Two-into-one exhaust system

  • Black detailing on alloy and chrome parts, e.g. handlebars, rocker covers, bash plate etc.

  • Levers and heel plates drilled and powder coated black

  • Bespoke headlight grille and rear lamp protector bars

  • Custom seat in chocolate vinyl with pumpkin detailing and matching handlebar brace pad

  • Mini LED indicators

  • Tail end tidy

  • Heidenau 'knobbly' tyres; 110/80-18 front and 140/80-18 rear

While the GP Manx sidecar has been treated to:

  • Black alloy nose strips

  • Bash plate in black

  • Short screen with black alloy surround

  • Custom upholstered

  • Bespoke luggage rack

  • Black rim on sidecar wheel with Kenda 'knobbly' tyre

This outfit, including all one-off parts and accessories, is available priced at £15,995.

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