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Two race weekends, and four races into the 2020 AFT season and, as predicted, the Singles class is unpredictable. Four races, four different winners. Henry Wiles (above) leads the championship thanks to his Indy Mile II win on Saturday.

Just three points behind in the standings is Brandon Kitchen, number 105, who won Friday's main at the Indy Mile.

Dallas Daniels, 32, won round 2, at Volusia, after failing to qualify for the main the day before, meaning he is back in 7th in the standings.

The young Australian, Max Whale, 18, won his first race in AFT at the season-opener and is currently in 4th position overall. Shayna Texter, yet to win this season, but scoring two podiums so far, is third overall.

With four rounds gone, only 21 riders have scored points in the singles class. I was expecting more than that.

The next round for the Singles class is the Springfield Short Track, on Friday 4 September. They don't race the Springfield Mile like the two other classes do.

All photos: Kristen Lassen/ AFT


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