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Tokyo Connection

We are in the middle(ish) of major project to customise an Indian FTR in time for the Bike Shed Show at the end of May. When I say 'we', Sideburn is doing the project managing and final assembly, while Cheetah Custom Cycles in Japan, is doing the majority of the work. Hence the bike's name: TOKYO CONNECTION

Above is an early concept sketch. Things will change from this.

The bike started out as a zero-mile 2022 Indian FTR, a 21st century muscle bike, rolling on supersport rubber and 17s. The plan is to keep the essence of the two-wheeled hot rod, but re-body it, in the style of the 1930s European automotive carrosserie houses, who made exclsuive aluminium bodies for already exclusive cars.

The bike will be debuted on the Indian Motorcycle stand at the tenth anniversary Bike Shed Show at Tobacco Dock, and Cheetah himself will be in attendance. It will then go to shows around Europe, including Wheels and Waves. We'll be featuring it in the magazine too, of course, and making more videos about it. Here was the intro video we made, before we started unbolting things.

If you've never been to the Bike Shed Show, seen the round up video below.

Find out more and get tickets here


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