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Tank Slappin' Podcast - UPDATE

I've been listening to podcasts on an almost daily basis for years now. I was slow on the uptake with Off The Groove, the long-running flat track podcast by AFT announcer Scottie Deubler and the show's producer, Chris Carter, but now I listen every week.

A new flat track podcast, Tank Slappin' has been added to the roster, this one co-hosted by AFT 2019 Production Twins champ Cory Texter and former GNC number 1, Jake Johnson. Where Off The Groove is unswervingly positive about the sport and rarely controversial, often sitting on the fence, seemingly preferring to stay neutral and let the listeners make up their own minds, Tank Slappin' is very different. Despite looking 14-years-old, Cory is married with a young son and a seasoned pro, racing in many different classes and also now a race promoter. Anyone who makes a podcast about flat track is obviously passionate about the sport, but Cory is something else. He's the son of a Harley dealer and racer, brother of a racer. He's raced all his life, it seems all his friends are racers. If he's every had it easy, that was way in the past, now it's hustling to stay racing. Jake Johnson is regarded as one of the most talented riders of his generation, but could be accused of lacking the outright drive of someone like Mees, and therefore hasn't racked up the amount of wins a rider of his calibre could/should have. The pair have a few adult beverages while they're recording while discussing the latest developments in the pro sport and don't pull any punches. They then introduce a guest, most recently Jeffrey Carver. For a flat track nerd like me it's addictive. I get the impression that neither host think they're risking a big paycheck by being controversial, they're unlikely to be signed to Indian's Wrecking Crew for whatever reason, so they say whatever they want in an unguarded way. The perfect podcast.

Chris Carter also produces the new podcast and, even just three weekly episodes in, it's already improving in technical quality and is on Apple podcasts, so easy to find. Highly recommended to flat track nerds.

Find it where you find your podcasts. If you don't have a smartphone, find it on Soundcloud at Tank Slappin' Podcast

UPDATE: Reader Justin C tells us 'They are on Spotify too.'

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