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Sideburn 51 Launch: Indian London

We had our recent Sideburn 51 launch at the Indian Motorcycle London flagship store, on Kensington High Street, West London, on 30 November.

The night was co-organised with Krazy Horse and fuelled by Adnam's beer and Norfolk Gin.

The store is the old, legendarily quirky Bristol Motors showroom, that stood on this corner for over 40 years. It has a showroom on this floor, and clothing and more bikes on the floor below. The location, in a wealthy area of London, has seen people walk off the street, put a deposit on a brand new Indian then ask the sales staff how they go about passing their test.

Bikes started rolling in. Even though it was cold, and nearly December, there were a couple of old Brit bikes. This BSA and... (Sideburn photo)

A Bonnie. (Sideburn photo)

More modern stuff too, Indians, Guzzi, Victory and a tasty Scrambler. (Sideburn photo)

Inside were the brand new 2023 FTRs, straight from Motorcycle Live at the NEC. Read more about the 2023 Indian FTR range. This is the Sport.

This is one of the new colour options, with matching shock spring, of the base model FTR.

This is the top of the FTR range, the R Carbon.

Mrs Sideburn didn't waste time getting into the G&Ts. (Sideburn photo)

There was chatting upstairs...

And music from Ed Bennett downstairs.

Bex turned up with her Lenny Schuurmans edition Bell helmet. I haven't seen one of these in a while. (Sideburn photo)

Mark W arrived in his very own pair or Sideburn edition Vans. He designed them, and worked with us and Kriega on the Sideburn Kriega T18 backpack, among other projects he's done for us over the years , so he's the only other person in the world with a pair. (Sideburn photo)

Andy, in his Sideburn x Ornamental Conifer sweatshirt, brought me a present. It's a Hot Wheels that Ornamental Conifer designed, and this is a special edition colourway exclusive the Dollar General (the US equivalent of Poundland). Thanks Andy! (Sideburn photo)

Stoked on her Biltwell glitterball Gringo. (Sideburn photo)

Checking out the FTR750. On the left is Otis, whose KTM 950 is in the magazine we were launching, Sideburn 51.

You want to see more of the FTR750? OK then.

Also downstairs is the Indian Scout Krazy Horse built for Guy Martin's Wall of Death show.

This is the short version of the special that was broadcast live a few years ago.

Krazy Horse Steph trying to get free dancing lessons from world champion ballroom dancer, TV presenter and Indian rider, Neil Jones.

DJ Supreme social media'd the stuffing out of the event.

Most stylish award went to Patrick. Not sure who travelled the furthest by bike. No one came forward. If you think you did, get in touch.

If you're in west London and want to know more about new, custom or pre-owned, low-mileage Indians, go see this guy, Rocco. He'll sort you out.

Big thanks to Indian Motorcycle London, Paul and all at Krazy Horse, everyone who travelled from far and wide. Also thanks to Alex Grant (above) for the photos. These are his above, except where stated.

Oh yeah, BUY SIDEBURN 51. Please, thanks. It's a good one.


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