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See the TZ750 at See See

Brad is travelling down from Washington to put his beautiful, batshit-crazy TZ750 street tracker on display at the See See pop-up TOMORROW - Saturday 10 October.

We have a line-up of killer bikes, friendly faces, exclusive merch and all the usual See See good vibes, hot coffee and cold beer.

This bike was in Sideburn 31. We've sold out of the paper copy, but you can read about the bike in the digital version of Sideburn for just £2.50, and the digital version is yours to keep (as much as you can keep a digital file on devices with in-built obsolescence, relying on a 'cloud' you don't fully understand, owned by private companies richer than most nations. But, y'know 'forever').

Photos: Pierre Robichaud

Check out the Sideburn Digital mags.

We have the Yamaha TZ750 blueprint in stock too. Just saying.


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