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SB51: Kully's Street Tracker

When we made Sideburn issue 1 people asked me about running out of material to fill the issues. I didn't really worry about it, because A, I didn't have a plan for the future. B, Even though we are a magazine focussed around dirt trackers and street trackers we cover current stuff and history, winners and losers, legends and nobodies, plus art and culture (and films and adventure and the industry...). That's a lot to go at.

Which leads to Sideburn 51 and this bike. Is it the finest street tracker we've ever featured? That's a toughie, but I can't think of many better. It was a built by a custom bike builder turned flat track race mechanic, and it has...

Titanium frame

Mad torsion bar rear suspension

Ohlins RWU forks

Titanium two-into-one exhaust

Unique handmade alloy body

3D printed parts

Perfect stance

Read all about it in Sideburn 51.

Photos: Logan Pickner


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