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Reparto Sportivo

A package arrived from Verona, Italy. Inside was a brochure/booklet printed on heavyweight paper, full of American motorcycles, photographed by Sideburn contributor and cover photographer, Raffaele Paolucci. The covering note said:

Creating something new is risky and complicated, it has always been. It requires trusted ideas , and a lot of experience, it's not a quality, but a conquest, a path to foster and respect.

For this reason, at Reparto Sportivo, we believe in the power of communication, in the need of going back to talking simply about complicated things, such as passion and commitment.

Our booklet speaks to this, about who we are and who we want to become.

To us, the future belongs to those who have old passions and new dreams.

That's why we like you to discover our world.

Speak soon

Reparto Sportivo

I can't read Italian, so I contacted my old pal Corrado, who I knew was part of this new 'Sports Department' (that's what Reparto Sportivo translates as), for more clarification and got this back.

Reparto Sportivo is a motorcycle & automotive culture hub.

Our home is called LP22 and is located in Verona, Italy.

It's a multifunctional space designed to share projects, activities, passions and to hold and host events. It also serves as a permanent exhibition and storage space for prestigious cars and motorcycles.

We specialize in Harley-Davidson, Buell, Triumph, Porsche and Land Rover, but we can provide garage service for any 2- or 4-wheeler need, from maintenance to full restoration or custom works.

We offer import service from the US and Europe, from purchase to registration, paying particular attention to rare and high-end vehicles for collectible or investment purpose. 

We aim at creating a community of motorsport enthusiasts with whom to share stories, events and meetings.

So, it's a garage and 'event space', not a magazine. But there is a brand being built and Reparto Sportivo's website is publishing some very interesting stories that are easily translated by Google Chrome (I'm not sure how other browsers cope with translation). One in particular interested me, about the history of flat track in Italy in the 1990s, when the Harley Importer, headed up by Carlo Talamo, created a Sportster championship and created a very sporty Sporty 883 road bike, that influenced the MoCo's own 883R.

Find out more at or their Instagram @reparto.sportivo

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May 11, 2020


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