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Paul's AJS

We featured amateur racer, Paul Hartman's Racewear and his gorgeous Triumph Hooligan in Sideburn 38. Last week we discovered he'd built this AJS and asked him to give us some details. He certainly has a knack for building bikes with a nice stance. This is what he could tell us about his latest Brit.

It's a 1948 AJS Model 18 with some evolution of '50s and '60s tricks. I wish I knew the whole story on this one, because I'm sure it would be good. It was owned by a fellow up in Salinas, California who raced it back in the day. I'm guessing desert, or scrambles races. His wife sold it when he passed away. I got it as a basket case, missing some things.    

The way you see it now is a mix of what I dreamed it would look like, along with whatever cool junk I had laying around. It's got a neat old Norton P11 tank and an unknown fender that matches; Bates seat and pad; Flanders handlebars; Matchless telescopic forks and a really cool exhaust pipe that I haven't been able to find any info on. It's got a Lucas magneto and Amal racing carburettor.  


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