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Racewear: Trusted Kit

We recently produced a Sideburn Beginner's Guide to Flat Track for Indian Motorcycle UK. There was a limited print run of 1000, but the whole magazine is online for free at the Sideburn Digital Hub - hosted by ISSUU - along with current, archive and sold out issues of the magazine.

We included one of our regulars, Racewear, in the Beginner's Guide. For this spread in the magazine we ask a rider we like to lay out their race day (or sometimes adventure riding kit) on the floor and write about it. It appeals to my nerdy nature.

For the Sideburn x Indian Beginner's Guide to Flat Track we asked Indian Scout rider and long-time Sideburn collaborator, Dimitri Coste to tell us about his hooligan racing kit. That's it above. Click the link on the first line of this paragraph to read about it.

If you want to search for any of the previous Racwears here is a list. I've tagged this post as Sideburn Data so it will become part of the Index that will grow with the regulars and be updated as they are added when a new issue is published.

25 Hubert Bastie

26 David Death Spray

27 Cameron Brewer

28 Andy 'Jerkyl' Baker (Sahara trip kit)

29 Tori George

30 Jeffrey Carver

31 – ran out of room

32 James Smith

33 Daniel Salvadores (Himalayan trip kit)

34 John Harrison

35 Joy Lewis

36 Todd Marella

37 Donzilla Miller

38 Paul Hartman

39 Cory Texter

40 Joe Pape

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