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Pando Moto's Nordic Reinvention

When it comes to reinventions, I crave a Nordic one for myself. Launched in 2011, Sideburn supporter Pando Moto agress and has rebranded itself with a new logo, referencing Nordic runes and Baltic symbols, and released new ranges of their highly-respected riding wear.

'The new logo concept came out of a desire to pull back from the old image, create something new, and bring a certain clean, crisp clarity into our brand. The new logo was born from our intent to show riders who we are and expose our roots,' company founder Marius Bieliauskas explains. 'The new PANDO MOTO logo has a completely different visual aesthetic drawing on strong, clear lines and leaning into the Nordic influence that has always been at the core of the brand’s philosophy and minimalist design.'

When we consider Pando Moto, we immediately think of understated, protective gear with a mix of military practicality and the wearability of your favourite jeans. Pando's founder explains his belief,

'Riders want apparel that doesn’t necessarily scream “motorcycles”, but can function in different scenarios throughout the day. And we’re happy to oblige.'

I mean, I scream 'Motorcycles!' two or three times a day, but I do get where Marius is coming from.

The company produces large ranges of trousers, jackets, boots, gloves, armour and casual wear for men and women, in different cuts to suit, we'd suggest, different ages and markets they sell to.

They use the the industry's toughest materials, including Dyneema, Aramid and Cordura with Kevlar, and attain high levels of CE approval, while still producing clothing that you could wear all day without even sitting on a bike, which is what they're getting at by using a model wearing Vans skate shoes while their marketing protective wear. At first it makes me think, 'Eh?', but they're reinforcing the message that you don't have to save your crash-resistant jeans just for the days you're on a motorbike. You can skate, cycle, break into a Parisian art gallery to relieve it of a Renoir... Do whatever you want in them.

The examples of abrasion resistance between their denim riding trousers and regular cotton, highlighted on the company's website, is enough to make anyone think twice about riding a bike in regular jeans, though.

Find out more about the Pando Moto range, order online or locate a local stockist at


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