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Off-kilter Dancing

Taken from a report by Claudia Meza on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

As Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” played loudly, people couldn’t help but bop their heads. Gary Inman gave more than a bop. He snaked around his table, accenting drum hits with jump-kicks and air headbutts. That’s what first caught my eye.

As I approached his table mesmerized by his off-kilter dancing and fully intending to find out everything about him, a spread of colorful magazine covers soon distracted me.

Inman greeted me cheerfully a few times before I looked up from the pages of Sideburn, the DIY motorbike magazine he founded in 2008. Sideburn was not made for collectors, it was made for riders. And it’s brimming with an energy that’s reminiscent of punk zines and the “use what you got” mentality of hooligan racing.

Inman let me know he comes all the way from Lincolnshire, England, to attend the One Motorcycle Show as often as he can, and he’s been doing it since 2013. I spent a good portion of my night later that evening devouring all the Sideburn internet content I could find. They’re co-sponsoring a women-only Morocco ride in March that makes me want to learn how to ride in sand.

Photo: Claudia Meza/OPB


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