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Krowdrace 2020 Report

Race report from our friends in Germany

74 riders from 7 nations (with up to 1,600km to travel), divided into 10 classes, came to the first round of the KROWDRACE series on August 23rd in Wolfslake (Brandenburg), offering exciting motorsports to the approximately 300 spectators who arrived. Due to Corona only a limited number of registered persons were allowed to enter the area. Last year's winner Maikel Dijkstra (NL) again took the victory in the Pro-class, ahead of the Austrian Yasmin Poppenreiter and young Hannes Köhn from Hamburg. The Italians Nico Sorbo and Sami Panseri not only travelled together from Northern Italy, but also rode head-to-head for victory in the Thunderbike class. The vintage class, which was divided into two groups, was no less exciting. In the "Modern Classics" of Hamburg's Fiete Girardet on Norton, they had a close but fair competition against the Swiss Michel Colaizzi on Triumph and Andreas Steinhofer (Harley Davidson KR, Berlin) and Oliver Betz (Harley Davidson Flat Head, Gerstetten) in the group "True Gold“. From the point of view of the organizers Hermann Köpf and Martin Hüning, it was particularly pleasing that the few crashes went off without a hitch, and that many newcomers not only took to the track on scooters and mopeds, but also that numerous hobby riders from all over Germany dared to enter this up-and-coming motor sport with specially built flat track motorcycles - and experienced the weekend in Wolfslake with a broad grin on their faces and left inspired. Motorsports for everyone, whether beginner or professional, with low entry barriers and lots of good and collegial atmosphere - these are the keywords that best describe the concept behind KROWDRACE.

Next race: 19-20 September Parchim (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) The second round of the KROWDRACE CUP 2020 will take place in just a few weeks, on September 19-20 on the grounds of the MC Mecklenburgring in Parchim, between Hamburg and Berlin on a 700 meter /half-mile track. Saturday will again be a full day of training and Sunday will be the race, which as the highlight of the shaken flat track season 2020 will be home to the only feasible run (of four planned) for the European Championship of the English DTRA (Dirt Track Riders Association). A number of high ranking riders from all over Europe have already submitted their entries and hope for continued travel opportunities. The KROWDRACE Flat Track Events will be presented by Indian Motorcycles Germany, who have already been present in Wolfslake with an exhibition stand and various models, as well as demo rides on FTR 1200 on the sand track. In Parchim, the four Indian Motorcycles country teams from Germany, Sweden, England and France will also be competing, and test drives on current road models will be available to interested parties. Over the Website riders can register to training and/or running up to the entry conclusion on 13 September 24h. Participation fee for training is EUR 25,-, starting fee for the race is EUR 50,-. Announcement and further information on the program can also be found on the website. Results 1st KROWDRACE Cup Race Wolfslake August 23, 2020 NEWBIE

  1. Luca Siekmann #619 (DE)

  2. Michael Mohsakowski #341 (DE)

  3. Konstantinos Adoniadis #19 (DE)


  1. Till Vanish #69 (DE)

  2. Andreas Steinhofer #66 (DE)

  3. Lucas Gregorowicz #9 (DE)


  1. Nikolaus Böhning #54 (DE)

  2. Markus Leidner #14x (DE)

  3. Felix Haas #5 (DE)


  1. Yasmin Poppenreiter #93 (AT)

  2. Michelle Kroneisl #88 (AT)

  3. Selina Liebmann #82 (DE)


  1. Sabine Singenberger #14 (CH)

  2. Conny Dieker #35x (DE)

  3. Nina Lange #20 (DE)


  1. Sami Panseri #85 (IT)

  2. Mitch van der Stelt #33x (NL)

  3. Michelle Kroneisl #88 (AT)


  1. Andreas Steinhofer #66 (DE)

  2. Oliver Betz #17 (DE)

  3. Cord Hartbecke #211 (DE)


  1. Fiete Girardet #77 (DE)

  2. Michel Colaizzi #98 (CH)

  3. Oliver Betz #17 (DE)


  1. Nico Sorbo #48 (IT)

  2. Sami Panseri #85 (IT)

  3. Richard Japin #85x (NL)


  1. Maikel Dijkstra #58 (NL)

  2. Yasmin Poppenreiter #93 (AT)

  3. Hannes Köhn #13 (DE)

About KROWDRACE Behind the concept of KROWDRACE are Hermann Köpf (Auerberg Klassik Bergrennen, BRUMMM magazine) and Martin Hüning from Berlin, as well as a supporting team of friendly Flat Track racers from all over Germany. The KROWDRACE racing events are organized in cooperation with clubs in accordance with the guidelines of the German Motorsports Association (DMSB) and in compliance with all safety and licensing requirements. Photos: Carlos Fernández Laser

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