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Greenfield Practice Snaps

I used to compile posts like this all the time, but then instagram stole their thunder, but let's try again, now that Instagram is losing it's shine.

I attended a practice day at Greenfield today. The track was grippy as hell. I nearly kicked myself in the back of the head a couple of times when my hot shoe grabbed the damp clay. I wasn't entirely feeling it today, but it was still good to get out and see a few people.

Above is a trio of Yams, two of which are currently on our Bikes For Sale page.

The other belongs to the same family and is this Knight framed XT600 (I think, it's a 600).

It was imported from America, like the other too, which are big-bore 500s, it was very purposeful, and running an oil cooler. You don't see many air-cooled single racers running oil coolers in the UK.

I wonder how many of these Yam singles are under sheets in American workshops and garages.

Have you bought one of them yet?

I mainly went to hang out with my mate Jason. But his gearbox played up again ending the day (and season) early for him. Hoosiers looking good. New rear Öhlins too.

Read about this Trackmaster BSA in SB46.

Lowri and her dad's Champion Bultaco

Guy MotoEdit's 450, complete with Lowery Racing wheels. His bike's always look great.

This is his Triumph hooligan, complete with new Öhlins front and rear and PM wheels.

Shane (I think) and his Honda.

Adrian was testing a few different things on his Goldie.

The Greenfield welcoming committee.

The final of the DTRA season is being held at Greenfield on 17-18 September. Special guest Jeffrey Carver is racing In Saturday's pro class. There will be camping, bikes show, hot racing, catering...

We are organising a ride in from Lincoln for spectators wishing to come along. More details this week.


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