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For Sale: XG 750 Hooligan

Maidstone Harley are selling the race-winning hooligan bike that Grant Martin came second in the 2018 DTRA Hooligan championship on.

It's on eBay with a starting bid of £3000, but it says the reserve has not been met. I've never understood why the price doesn't start at the reserve, but then I've never sold anything on eBay so...

This bike featured in a couple of Sideburn videos that you can see below.

Thanks to Kev for the tip-off. This is what they say.

The team at Maidstone Harley Davidson created this back-to-basics monster in just 36 days, and sports a whole slew of trick features ranging from Ohlins suspension all round to a chain drive conversion.

If you're looking for a race ready machine, then look no further.

The bike features: Ohlins piggy back rear suspension and front cartridge kit, Screamin' Eagle tune and custom full exhaust system, S&S air filter kit, 19 inch custom spoked wheels and DTR tyres, custom fabricated body work, front brake removal, chain and sprocket conversion and side mount

fuel tank.

Please note, this bike was never destined for the road, and was created solely for the track.


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