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For Sale: Harley Sportster


1996 Harley Davidson 1200cc custom street tracker

£7500 O.N.O

Bought the original bike in October 2019 and spent 6 months and CIRCA 300 hours converting it to achieve the classic big twin flat track look.

It’s not subtle or refined by any stretch of the imagination, either in looks, performance or noise. It’s a 96’ 1200 Harley with stage 2 mods, so lots of shove and fairly bullet proof. Doesn’t have the niceties of a modern bike obviously like fuel injection, or ABS, or mirrors for that fact, although saying that it does stop a lot quicker than the original with the twin R6 4 pots and Hayabusa discs up front, and a 2017 model sportster rear caliper and disc. It’s a pre engine rubber mounts model, Harley didn’t add these to the sportster til 2004, and it’s a big lump of a motor to attach direct to the frame, so you can feel it thru the seat of your pants, literally. Carbs are carbs, you either love them or hate them. Currently jetted for max fuel delivery so lots of low-down torque, will come with complete jetting kit so can be tuned to suit. Then there’s the noise, and there’s lots of it from the S&S Hooligan exhausts, even with the drag pipe baffles fitted you’ll wake the neighbours. But at least when they see it you’ll get lots of praise. Everywhere I’ve been on the bike it always gets commented on, either by just passers-by or by like-minded bike enthusiasts.

Never been raced or anything like that, but some highlights last year included hanging out with Charlie Stockwell at WARRS in London on the bikes, a story on Sideburn magazines website after Gary kindly featured a piece on the bike and build, and even got a spot at the Cheltenham Custom bike show this year.

Only really selling to make room for next project, and seems a shame to keep it under wraps, as I only ride it on the very odd occasion. Been packed away since September last year, and just a few recent rags around the twisties since the sun's come out at last.

MOT til June 2022, 17K miles on the clock

If you’re a fan of the Flat track look, Big Twins, and a bit of tinkering and maintenance here and there I think you’ll love it.

Work undertaken from Oct 2019 to May 2020

  • Sportster 1200 stripped.

  • 2 x 19in original dyna wheels, refurbished and painted in Speedline gold by Primo Alloys.

  • New Maxxis DTR1 medium tyres from AAA Racing fitted front & rear.

  • Serviced and fitted 2007 Yamaha R6 front forks, with gold spot calipers, new headset bearings and new wheel bearings seals.

  • Machined R6 bottom yoke to fit Harley Stem.

  • 2 x Suzuki Hayabusa 310mm discs drilled to fit 19” Dyna hub.

  • CNC billet top yoke, Rox risers and Builtwell flat track bars.

  • Bespoke spacers machined, to fit the 19” Dyna to the R6 fork setup, including hub width conversion, hub and front axle spacers to fit R6 bearings and front axle O/D’s.

  • New HEL custom brake lines fitted.

  • Top end of engine stripped, new piston rings, new gaskets, re-build and paint.

  • Gear case cover chopped, painted, new gasket and oil seals.

  • Sprocket cover chopped and painted.

  • Primary cover off, painted, new gasket and oil seal.

  • New CV carb.

  • Stage 1 jetting kit from Dynojet fitted, and fuel mixture plug screw added.

  • Stage 2 Vance and Hines hi-flo air cleaner.

  • New throttle cables.

  • Chain conversion. New JT 48T/21T sprockets in high carbon steel, and new JT nickel X-ring Chain

  • 2017 Sportster rear brake caliper and disc fitted.

  • Bespoke spacers machined to fit the 19” Front Dyna to the rear, including HUB width conversion, new disc and rear sprocket position adjustment, new axle spacers, and new caliper spacer.

  • 2 x YSS 350mm adjustable RR shocks.

  • Saddlemen eliminator seat unit fabricated to fit ’96 frame, and ABS rear mudguard.

  • White Lightning bolt Death Spray Custom inspired design, and tank and tail section painted onyx gloss black.

  • S&S hooligan exhaust and heatshield sourced from the US. Fitted with 2 x 2.25” drag pipe baffles.

  • Mblaze LED pin indicators front and rear and necessary electrics and load reducers fitted for LED.

  • Motorkay square headlight.

  • New Yuasa Battery.

  • Number boards fitted and motocross style foot pegs. 115 was my race number at the Lydden hill Bike shed festival event in 2019.

You’re more than welcome to come and see before committing to buy. But for obvious reasons I cannot allow any test rides.

Tel 07757 748918

Located Marlborough, Wiltshire. UK


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