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Film: Second Wave KTM 990

We first saw this KTM street tracker at the Bike Shed Show in May and arranged with the owner, Otis, to photograph it at a later date. He planned to have the bike filmed by Continuum Films, and we have photographer Ian Roxburgh piggyback on the shoot, and an Oxfordshire airfield.

It has been a while, but we can share the film, above, and tell you the exclusive feature is in Sideburn 51.

Why do you want to but the mag to read about it?

It's rolling on 19s (because)

It has a tiny 5-lite tank

A monocoque body

And a Co-Built exhaust

It's a 990 KTM street tracker!

Get inspired. Read the mag.

Follow Otis's company Second.Wave.Design on Instagram.


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