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Evel Goes Hooligan Racing

The ever-popular Evel Knievel 'wind him up and watch him go' Stunt Cycle is still in production, now with a new manufacturer, and has been given a 'pro series' makeover. The makers say the new colour way is a nod to Evel's early career jump at the famous Ascot Park in Gardena, LA, but we're sure it's a tribute to that other motorcycle phenomenon, arguably as culturally significant as Evel himself, hooligan flat track.

Not convinced? It's obvious Evel is riding a Sportster, not the Triumph 650 TT Special, that he actually jumped in 1967. And it has a stock frame with an XR750-style tank and Wood-style seat unit - pure hooligan. It'll been painted all-black with yellow detailing, clearly inspired by Suicide Machine Co and The Rusty Butcher. His leathers do appear a little Juicy Couture velour leisure suit, but they too are all-black, like the OG SoCal hooligans, setting a strong look that can be marketed later.

The toy's suit colours deviate from the yellow two-piecers Evel actually wore. The black with yellow detailing is nothing as effete as yellow with stars (the moto-riding masses that your brand relies on to buy the merch don't dig yellow T-shirts). The custom Biltwell Gringo is a nice touch, too.

Sure, the exhausts are a bit more silenced than most hooligans, but many tracks are tough on noise restrictions now, so even 7-inch Evel has to be sensible sometimes.

Order this limited edition Evel or the regular white suit version (which is half the price) from

This is the actual Ascot jump from 1967.

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